Read Customer Reviews: What Are My Customers Saying?

Leala Mitchell ★★★★★ Aug 16

I just purchased a 2016 H-RV from Adam at Go Honda and had a great experience. I felt like Adam listened to what I was looking for in a vehicle and didn’t try to sell me on features I didn’t care about. He let me do a longer highway test drive because I’m a commuter, and I’m pretty sure he even skipped his lunch to make sure everything was perfect when I picked it up. The finance department was great too. They called and got me a lower interest rate based on my credit to make sure my payments were where I felt comfortable without having to finance over a billion years. I previously purchased a used vehicle from Go Honda, and I am so glad I went back to buy new.

Bill Buchanan ★★★★★ Aug 22

We had never met Adam Rumball before this week. We thoroughly enjoyed dealing with Adam. He was friendly, courteous, and professional in every way. He was interested in meeting our priorities, and we never felt that he was trying to push something on us that we didn’t want. I think he would treat any other potential customer in the same way. Dealing with Adam would be a positive experience.

Sara Willner ★★★★ Aug 16

The sales representative we worked with, Adam, was friendly, informative, patient, and willing to assist us throughout our car search. He was great to work with and we’d be happy to work with him again in the future.

Gabriel Yeung ★★★★ Aug 26

I had a great experience at Go Honda, with Adam R. as my sales consultant. He was able to patiently walk through my different needs for cars to narrow down our selection to the car that our family needed. Adam was quite knowledgeable about the cars and was very upfront about pricing and costs.

Ryan Myers ★★★★★ Aug 23

Noel Tarucan ★★★★★ Aug 23

Zibin John ★★★ Aug 23

Taryn Spitzer ★★★★ Aug 4

I recently bought a used car from Go Honda, my sales experience was great – Adam was super helpful….

Connie N Pistawka  ★★★★ Jul 31

Excellent Salesman Adam Rumball did an excellent job of telling me the features of the HR-V. I will recommend that friends and family visit Adam to find a new vehicle.

Michael Yu  ★★★★ Aug 18

Go find Adam Rumball is right The dealer, Adam Rumball, is helpful, kind, warmth. He did his best to help me. Patient is the greatest to me. He always keeps smiling. He speaks clear English. Overall, he is an excellent dealer and I would totally recommend him to all of you.1

Pilot ★★★★ Sep 15

The salesman Adam was very friendly and offered to help us in our search anyway he could. Saba was very knowledgeable and helped us get through the financing portion quickly.

Elvie Raiz Polonio ★★★★ Aug 18

I just got my new car this month August 6 from go sales person is Adam Rumball he is nice kind and friendly.  I had a good service from him I will recommend to my friends.  Thanks Adam and also Moe

seriousshopper  ★★★★★ Oct 16

I did not buy a car. I visited the dealer to test drive a new Honda Accord Touring sedan to see if it fit me and my driving style. The car did not meet my needs, but we were really pleased with the sales guy, Adam Rumball. He didn’t know everything we asked, but he was honest, sought out the answers, and presented himself with integrity. He was personable, seemed to really enjoy his job and showing us the car, and he understood our needs/wants. If I knew someone in the market for a Honda, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend that they seek out Adam to explore their options- he was very pleasant to deal with, listened well and potential customers would be very happy with his service and relational skills.

G & D    Oct 26

We just stopped in to the dealership to have a ‘look see’ at the new Ridgeline. Little did we know that upon leaving we would leave having purchased a Black Edition! While in truth, the vehicle sold itself, the purchase experience, professionally and amicably facilitated by our Salesperson Adam, was what made the visit both enjoyable and memorable. Kudos to Adam for getting to know us and our wants/needs in such a short time, arranging test drives, explaining dealership processes, and generally guiding us through the purchase itself! Kudos also to Molly in the finance department for her ‘no pressure’ and friendly assistance. I recommend both the dealership and staff if you are looking for quality product and a great sales/purchase experience!

Ann Chambers on Sept 24, 2016

1. How likely are you to recommend Go Honda to your friends, family or colleagues?


2. Why or why not?

 Our Salesman Adam was over the top ….we felt well taken care of with no feelings of pressure at any time. Adam made himself available to us at anytime, he was thorough at explaining and went out of his way to give us the best deal and service, we could receive!!!  Molly (finances)  was also exceptional….she was very informative and personable which made our experience pleasurable.  Over all, everyone we had the opportunity to meet in the dealership from Sales, Financing, Service and Management, have been a 10 !!!!

C.C. on October 29, 2016

To Whom It My Concern

I was in to the Go Honda Dealership on Monday, October 24/16, to get my winter tires put on.   While waiting, I decided to check to see if the new Honda Civic HATCHBACK was in the showroom yet.  As I was admiring it, one of your salesmen approached me and said,”So I see you have found the new Civic HATCHBACK.”   I felt that was such a great opening as it indicated that he recognized and appreciated my interest and knowledge of the car.  I drove the 1994 Civic HATCHBACK and loved it.

Presently, I am in the Civic Coupe and am VERY happy with my car but I really did want to take a good look at the HATCHBACK as that is the vehicle I would like to get next time I purchase a car.  I explained all of this to Adam and he was extremely receptive and started showing me all the wonderful features of the new HATCHBACK.  I found him to be extremely knowledgeable and personable and very nice to talk to.  At no point did I feel any pressure to purchase and I like that.  As soon as I feel I am being pressured I will walk away.  It takes a good salesperson to keep your interest and encourage you at the same time without pressure.  Adam definitely has this quality.  He offered to take me for a test drive.  Normally, I probably would have said no that’s ok, as I wouldn’t want to be pressured.  Adam did not in any way make me feel pressured.

So we went for a test drive and I LOVED the car in every way!!  What a beautiful car!!  I am amazed at what it offers in just the basic model.  If I was in the market for a car, I would have probably bought it that day.  However, I am not ready to do that just yet.

I had an extremely positive experience working with Adam Rumball and would recommend my friends and family to see him in a heartbeat.

Thank you so much Adam, for a wonderful experience in checking out the HATCHBACK.  I truly enjoyed meeting you and wish you nothing but the very best in the future.


Carolyn Contant


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