3 Valuable Services for Human Resources Departments – Mental Health Support, Transition Coaching & Leadership Skills:

Please think about your work environment as you read this post.  Are personal life issues effecting work life of people there?  Is the challenge of coping with mental health challenges effecting worker self esteem, team morale and overall company productivity?  What is your group’s human resource plan for supporting people towards wellness and recovery? Who needs help coping with transitions and changes?  What skills need to be trained on or upgraded to take the leaders of the group to the highest level of potential performance?


Perhaps personal and corporate performance will improve through arranging seminars, workshops and individualized plans in these 3 important areas related to human resources:


1. Mental Health Support Facilitation:  This group of topical services I offer all seek to (1) reduce social stigma and (2) increase personal resilience for various populations who come from diverse backgrounds of society.  Participants could have friends, family or work associates with first or second hand experiences with mental health recovery challenges and they want to learn how to relate and support them. Everyone has valuable experience, important perspectives and may be at various points on the journey towards mental health recovery.

  1. Developing Your Personal Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) – Workshop/Group Facilitation.
  2. Bouncing Back: Building Your Personal Resilience and Avoiding Burnout.
  3. Help, Hope and Healing: Finding These 3 in Your Grief and Suffering.
  4. Social Support: How to Make and Keep Good Friends.
  5. Personal Standards and Life Choices.
  6. Anger Management.

2. Tackling Transitions like a Champion: Change management is essential for individuals, groups and organizations to adapt, innovate and thrive! Circumstances do occur that change the stable status of our relationships, roles, responsibilities, health and employment in ways we may not have anticipated or planned for.  Now that those circumstances are upon us and they present powerful opportunities for innovation, resilience and adaptation if we learn to tackle transitions like a champion, not a victim.

3. Leadership Lessons and Skills Training: What skills need to be trained on or upgraded to take the leaders of the group to the highest level of potential performance?  What would make your co-workers or employees lives easier if they knew how to do it better?

  1. Passion-Mapping: Finding Meaning at Work.
  2. Confident Communication: How to Share Your Most Important Ideas Effectively.
  3. The Athletic Advantage: Developing the Attributes of High Performance People.
  4. Recruiting Resources for Your Vision and Mission.
  5. Emotional Intelligence at Work.
  6. Conflict Resolution Strategies for Teams and Task Forces.

Let’s set up our first consultation and explore how we might team up!



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