Creating Complete Champions for High Performance in Real Life

I believe in the importance of personal growth and spiritual development in order to become complete champions who can reach high performance in our personal and professional lives.

Hi I’m Adam.  I believe in creating complete champions.  I believe in the importance of personal growth and development in order to be a high performance person.   I believe that the hardships we go through will either make us or break us; and it is how we game plan that makes the difference.  I believe your greatest tests can be your greatest testimony.  I believe the transitions, challenges and changes that we face, are opportunities for unprecedented growth.  Capturing the momentum of transitions and changes can be a great way to become a complete champion and to get to the next level of what your vision of success is.

I have served Olympians as an inspiration and advisor to help them become complete champions.  I have served federal correctional inmates as they try to transition out of the institution into “normal life” and get jobs, and friends, and an apartment…I helped them game plan for that.  I have served people at various level of mental health recovery and helped facilitate their personal recovery game planning.  I have served churches and helped them rediscover their corporate and individual identity – their mission, vision and values – through strategic planning.  I have also served “at risk youth”; and helped them try to define some personal standards for their navigation through this world of competition and distraction.  I have also helped student athletes to develop a purpose for their life during those formative university years so they can develop a vision of success, purpose and meaning for their lives and work towards achieving it.  I have served members of the Toronto Blue Jays Organization, helping them become complete champions.  High performance people know the importance of being a complete champion.  Giving adequate attention to all areas of life is very important. Quite often, however, high performance people are neglecting other major areas of their lives, such as the spiritual or the social.  I have worked with the Toronto Blue Jays and helped them to become complete champions.  For example, helping them strike the balance between work and life and family.  I helped them to think about the importance of giving back; and leveraging their platform to give back; and make a positive difference in the world.  Also, I’ve helped them focus on the importance of their spirituality and their relationship with God.  I did this through motivational speeches as well as one-on-one meetings where I got to listen to them describe their vision of victory, and their dream success in life and encourage them to become complete champions.  Now, you may not be a Toronto Blue Jay, but in your life; whatever your cause; being a complete champion and reaching high performance is equally as important.

How can I help you become a complete champion? Let’s team up!


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