Inspirational Communication: 1 of 31 Skills for Successful Leadership


Successful leaders skillfully communicate inspiration.

The inspirational communication of a successful leader to their people is like the wind in the sails of a fleet of racing sailboats.  I feel most like a leader when I connect with people in an emotional word picture.  Emotional word pictures can powerfully engage our heads,  hearts, hopes and hands.  The best example that I can think of for this skill is Jesus Christ’s ability to inspire a global movement of faith, hope and love through his words.  Have you read the Gospels? He casts the most inspiring and passion producing vision of life as it could be through his use of words and deeds.

Inspirational communication is an important skill because many people’s sails are not pregnant with the possibilities of vision. However, they are in the boat with sails up and want to move, but just need “word-wind” to move ahead.  Now, I realize that some people do not have their sails up. Some people’s sails are in need of repair.  Some people’s sails are bundled up and tied down.  Their sailboat may even be docked or stored in a slip.  Next time you have an audience of any size, ask them to put their sails up and then speak motivating wind into their sails with an emotional word picture. Paint them a picture of the possibilities with your words and deeds.  Try this: Speak motivating and spirited words into your people’s open sails.  Watch what happens when you speak motivating and spirited words into your people’s open sails.

Successful leaders are skilled at putting wind in people’s sails through inspirational communication.  To be a successful leader, you must become skilled at harnessing the power of words.  Now, successful leaders understand that communication dynamics involve more than “just words” and yet are skilled at maximizing the power of words for inspiring people. The study of effective inter-personal communication certainly involves awareness of verbal, non-verbal, para-verbal features. Inspirational communication happens in formal and informal setting of various group sizes all over the world through diverse mediums and forms. Successful leaders can customize and contextualize their words and deeds to maximize the inspiration.

“Vision is a picture of the future that produces passion in people.” – Bill Hybels

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