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Coaching, Counselling, Consulting: I am an inspirational communicator and encouraging educator who is always seeking new opportunities for challenging and rewarding service. I am an active listener and personal coach who connects well with people as they meaningfully engage their past experiences, present reality and future potential. I am a motivational speaker and group facilitator who effectively shares heart-felt stories, value-based principles and results-oriented advice for life and leadership with motivated individuals and groups. I love working towards “light-bulb” or “eureka” moments. I had a successful athletic career in team sports, such as football at Western University. I have a B.A. in Sociology and an M.Div. in Pastoral Leadership. I have served many people and organizations as a “Minister of Morale” during my 12+ years of leadership and management in the social sector. I serve all people: the spiritual, the secular, the skeptical, the seeker, etc.  Now, how can I serve you and yours? 🙂

Professional Services Rendered: Pastoral Counselling, Spiritual Counsellor, Spiritual Therapy/Direction, Addiction and Substance Abuse Counselling, Life Work Coaching.

7 Areas of Top Expertise containing Topics of Special Interest:

I am passionate about Personal Growth and Professional Development experiences.  Here are some ways I team up with people to serve them and their people.  I believe people and groups in your sphere of influence might benefit from these services so take some time to reflect and then pass this along to decision makers in interested parties. Maybe someone you know is going through something that I can help them walk through because of my education and experiences? Maybe a group need some training to go to the next level and a workshop or seminar could do the trick? Please add comments below and share your experiences with these subjects in your personal and professional life.  What have you learned in these areas and what difference did it make to you and yours?

  1. Self-Assessment of the 7 BIG areas of life: This is a powerful tool from EQCommunications takes a current snap shot of your life through meaningful exploratory conversations.  This is a good starting point for getting to know each other and finding out which areas of life you can priorities improving in order to attain your vision of victory.
  2. Mental Health Support Facilitation:  This group of topical services I offer all seek to (1) reduce social stigma and (2) increase personal resilience for various populations who come from diverse backgrounds of society.  Participants could have friends, family or work associates with first or second hand experiences with mental health recovery challenges and they want to learn how to relate and support them. Everyone has valuable experience, important perspectives and may be at various points on the journey towards mental health recovery.
    1. Developing Your Personal Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) – Workshop/Group Facilitation.
    2. Bouncing Back: Building Your Personal Resilience and Avoiding Burnout.
    3. Help, Hope and Healing: Finding These 3 in Your Grief and Suffering.
    4. How to Make and Keep Good Friends.
    5. Personal Standards and Life Choices.
    6. Anger Management.
  3. Tackling Transitions like a Champion: Circumstances do occur that change the stable status of our relationships, roles, responsibilities, health and employment in ways we may not have anticipated or planned for.  Now that those circumstances are upon us and they present powerful opportunities for innovation, resilience and adaptation if we learn to tackle transitions like a champion, not a victim.
  4. Coaching Couples and Wedding Officiation: Facilitating communication and mutual discovery through Enrich Canada Marriage Preparation and Enrichment. I can help the couple discern and develop their vision for a meaningful wedding and a mutually fulfilling marriage.
  5. Spiritual Discovery and Pastoral Direction: People have thoughts that prompt their spiritual search and they need trusted experts to discern and discuss them with.  As a Gospel-Centred and personally devout Christian and an Ordained Baptist Pastor, I am comfortable having delicate spiritual conversation about what people have experienced/believe and sharing my experiences and beliefs with them in a way that allows them the space to explore their spiritual convictions in a safe, trust-based and non-directive learning environment.
  6. Leadership Lessons and Skills Training:
    1. Passion-Mapping: Finding Meaning at Work.
    2. Confident Communication: How to Share Your Most Important Ideas Effectively.
    3. The Athletic Advantage: Developing the Attributes of High Performance People.
    4. Recruiting Resources for Your Vision and Mission.
    5. Emotional Intelligence at Work.
    6. Conflict Resolution Strategies for Teams and Task Forces.
  7. Hobbies and Entertainment Training:
    1. How to Watch Sports (Workshop): Basics to Enjoy the “Big Game” with Your Group.
    2. How to Plan A Vacation in Europe, Canada and Asia.
    3. How to Foster Community Outreach, Social Activism and Personal Engagement.

Groups and Individuals: Toronto Blue Jays Organization; Under- or Unemployed People; At-Risk Youth; Correctional Services of Canada Clients; Community Organizers; Social Service Workers; Sales Forces; Management Teams; Church Congregations; Men’s Groups; Student-Athletes and Olympians.

Service Packages: 1. Personal Coaching Sessions. 2. Group Training Workshops. 3. Motivational Speeches. 4. Strategic Project Guidance Contracts. 5. Ceremony Officiation and Planning (mostly Weddings, Chapels, Openings, Dedications and Funerals).


Service Inquiries and Requests to “Set Something Up”:

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