My Refreshing Summer Plans: Ordination, Conferences, Sabbatical.

I want you to know some of my summer plans. I hope, pray and work towards the realization of these goals. Please pray and encourage my pilgrimmage! 🙂
I need to finish my Ordination Paper. This is a written statement of what I believe about major categories of theology. It is a requirement for ordination as a Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Pastor (FEB)Pastor. Ordination, to me, is a really special process of the local church blessing me with the subjective affirmation of being a called and competent minister as well as a legal credential from our religious order for acting as an agent of the Ontario government during weddings. Once the paper is done, a council will evaluate me on everything and hopefully set a date for an Ordination Service in late June. I have seen a few ordination services in the last years and they are special events! Once I have a date, I will invite you to celebrate God’s goodness at HPBC! Please pray for the meaningful culmination of this beautiful and challenging process. 🙂
Moody Pastor’s Conference at Chicago’s Moddy Bible Institue: May 21 – May 24.
Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Pastor’s Conference at Muskoka Bible Conference: June 11 – June 14
July Sabbatical/Restorative Vacation:
I plan to take all of July off as restorative vacation. I want to be ready to rumble for the challenges and opportunities of the new fall ministry season. I am brian storming and planning for destinations. I’ll gratefully accept any travel tips and recommendations. People have suggested a train tour of Europe, Canadian costal cottages, African adventure, etc. My Sunday morning preaching responsibilities can be fulfilled from our church leadership, a partner church and/or FEB friends. The goal is to rest, reflect, gather my thoughts and feelings. It has been a very active 12 years of ministry. The last four years of my life have presented unique ministry and personal life challenges. I am grateful to God for every one of the experiences he has allowed me so far, yet they have taken a toll on my heart and head! Sometimes my emotions and energy are not where I want them to be! I am tired and want to refresh and heal so I can keep loving God and serving people well! A sabbatical of one month allows me to temporarily disengage from normal surroundings in order to rest, heal, grieve, refresh, reload, resharpen my passion. I want to recharge my battery in order that I can return ready to rock in September! Leaders who last take time off to recharge their battery! I want to be a leader who lasts!
This summer, I look forward with hope to my Ordination, Conferences and a Sabbatical so I am ready to embrace my role in the exciting stuff God has planned for many people during this coming fall ministry season in the Parkdale-High Park neighbourhoods and the precious city of Toronto! 🙂

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