My Mother’s Day Sermon: 4 Verses on the Motherly Love of God the Father.

Our Father God relates to his people like a good mother relates to her children.

During personal distress of work changes, moving house, relational conflict, physical and mental illness it is comforting to know that God the Father (Matthew 6) will soothe our souls with his love, as a mother nurses and protects her children.  Mother’s can relate to this imagery.  The Bible uses the analogy of motherhood to describe God the Father’s love for us during distress so we learn about the character of God and motherhood.

Here are 4 passages that I shared with the church on Mother’s Day:

  1. Psalm 131:2. David’s soul was like a weened child in prayer relationship with God.
  2. Isaiah 66:7-12. God promises the hope of satisfying abundance for his distressed people like a child who is nursed, carried n Mom’s hip and bounced on her knee. Read the imagery of verse 11-12!
  3. Matthew 23:37-39. Jesus longs to protect and shelter God’s people, as a mother hen gather’s her chicks.  Now Jesus is not a hen, but it is an analogy of God’s the Father’s motherly heart through the ministry of God the Son.
  4. 1 Thessalonians 2:7. God’s ministry to the church, through the Apostle Paul, was like the motherly gentleness of a nursing mother. In verse 11-12 of the same chapter, Paul’s ministry is balanced by the characterization of fatherly guidance.

On Mother’s Day, my Mom was present for the sermon and we went out for brunch at a nostalgic restaurant.  In both settings, I was grateful to have the opportunity to thank my Mom for her love over the years. She has given me the experiences over time that enables me to better understand this side of God’s character.  Good mothers glorify God’s character in words and deeds! Thanks for your comfort over the years Mom. 🙂

If you are reading this and wonder whether God’s arms of love are open for you to receive his love, then you need only to look to Jesus on the cross.  There he spread his arms wide for all to see that God’s love is available to any who come to him and seek refuge there. He quiets the greatest distress of sin’s guilt through making an atoning sacrifice for us.  What a comfort to know he died and rose again for me.  Jesus’ arms are open wide for us.  Will we find solace there?  I hope and pray that the motherly love of God the Father becomes a deep comfort to your soul during your distress.

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