High Park + Westminster? 7 pictures of prospective ministry partners praying together.

Dear RumBloggers,
As I have posted on previously, High Park Baptist Church (HPBC) is exploring options, including a merquisition with Westminster Chapel (WC). Norm and I made up the combo-term “merquisition”. ūüôā
Here is a photoblog update on what it looked like as the boards and staffs of HPBC and WC bowed their heads in reverence for Jesus and spoke their hearts to the Father in the unity and power of the Holy Spirit. ¬† The event included name tags for a meet and greet, building tour for vision casting and deeply meaningful prayer together (as pictured below). ¬†Initial impressions from tonight’s event were strong and positive. The purpose was to explore the possibility of merging churches for greater gospel impact here in Toronto, centred at 9 Hewitt Ave. ¬†In due course, this may prove to have be an important event is a historic process of merging two faith families in to one blended family. ¬†There are many pros and cons. Many opportunities and challenges to be realistically assessed and prayerfully discerned. ¬†If there are circumstances that could be negotiated in which we can be better for God together than we could be apart, then super. ¬†If not, we want to perceive that ahead of time. Change is part of growth! Pray for us we reflect and seek God’s vision together. There were observational comments made that indicate perception of natural chemistry, good will, sincere faith and dynamic hope.
This process is teaching me leadership lessons about unity. ¬†One is that it is important to have united, respectful and honest communication among all¬†interested parties, at appropriate levels and times in the process. ¬†Reflective conversation (with God and each other) helps maximize the collaborative power of respect and reduces destructive conflict potential. ¬†The sentiment is represented by what¬†Dr. David Robinson¬†prayed last night from Psalm 133:1 “Behold, how good and pleasant it is¬†when¬†brothers (AND SISTERS) dwell in unity!”.

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