Delightful Dallas Retreat Highlights: Sports, Sermons, Food, Friendship.

Howdy Y’all RumBloggers,

My retreat in Dallas was delightful!  Sporting events and concert, seminary retreat and research, sun burns in 80 degrees heat and soul-comfort-food in southern hospitality!  I went with my good friend Brian, who had a conference for the Canadian branch of Compassion International in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.  While he was at his Compassion conference, I took in classes and chapels at Dallas Theological Seminary.  The teaching, the weather, the food, the people: they all worked together to refresh my mind.  In the evenings we took in sporting events and Texan foods. Here are some pics, reflections and video from one chapel.

1. Upgraded Spiritual Retreat at Dallas Theological Seminary.

I took in an upgraded serving of excellent teaching through the classes and chapels at Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS).  I thank God for the opportunity to listen to and talk with Dr. Bock, Dr. Bingham, Dr. Warren as well as many current and prospective students (Patrick, Jonathan and Jessica, et al.) and staff (Marnie, Josiah, Emily, et al.).  At Friday’s chapel, Chuck Swindoll talked about the importance of cultivating close friendships to survive the loneliness and sorrow of success.  Please watch the embedded video link below.  Many of Chuck’s ideas apply to my life and might do to yours as well.  I appreciate the loyal love of my family, close friends and a few fellow Christians on mission.  You know who you are! I am so thankful to friends who have double my joy and divided my grief.  Brian was a great friend to me during this week.  We had many great talks.  Thanks Brian! I am thankful to my best friend, the Lord Jesus Christ, who died for my sin and rose again to give me eternal life now and forever.  I trust him as my rock and refuge during despair and lament seasons of the past and future.  Jesus is the ultimate friend.

Click here for Swindoll on Friendship:

2.  Upgraded Sporting Events at American Airlines Centre and Cowboy Stadium.

One of the themes of our trip was upgrades. We got upgraded seats at the Dallas Mavericks game (18 rows back from the court) and Stars’ game.  Upgraded seats to the Rodeo at Cowboy Stadium so that we were close enough to get dirt kicked on us by the bulls.  We got upgraded field passes for the Dierks Bentley concert. We got an upgraded hotel room.  We got an upgraded rental car.  Everything is upgraded bigger in Texas!  I hope this won’t be “Dallas” time I get to the Lone Star State. Yehaw, that was refreshing fun!

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