15 Things I like about Tim Tebow: Ideas for Torontonians about faith life, workplace and celebrities.

We Canadians rightly respects tolerance, diversity, harmony and spiritual belief systems of everyone.

Here are some conversation starters worth exploring with colleagues:

  • Does your worldview impact your workplace? Should it?
  • Where are the boundaries between public life and private belief?
  • How important is value integrity and tolerance at work?
  • Where is the obnoxious or annoying line at work?
  • What does religious discrimination look like in your workplace?

Torontonians may feel too sophisticated to learn anything from the cliche of a religious sports celebrity.  However, Tim Tebow has used recent fame to draw attention to his faith and that raises important issues for all of us about the role of worldview in the workplace.  Gaga is against bullying.  Tebow is for prayer.  What are you for?

I like Tim Tebow.

It may be because I am a Christian leader with football background, but I think there is more to it then just surface affiliation.  I listed 15 ways that I like how Tim Tebow makes us think about the place of faith life realm of workplace.

15 Things I like about Tim Tebow:

1. His faith impacts his job performance.  Love him or hate him, what he believes matters to how he works!

2. He thanks his mother for not aborting him.  Abortion is a touchy subject, but he has a personal position.

3. He leverages the opportunity present by secular media for redemptive purposes today. Obnoxious or opportunist.

4. He harnesses the team to get results (game wins) despite being young and unorthodox for his position.

5.  He talks about finding joy in the journey of everyday life, not just the destination he hopes for. He knows why he is here.

6.  He is confident is his personal relationship with Jesus Christ and let’s the social consequences of annoying people or coming across as obnoxious be what they may!  This might be at the heart of the matter.  He is not ashamed of the Gospel of God.

7.  He is a physically strong person with skills and courage.

8.  He is an athlete who honours the name “Jesus Christ” instead of using it as a swear word.

My Tebow "Te-bow" after playing touch football with U of Toronto Athletes In Action at King's College Circle.

9.  He prays in public, and I assume privately too.

10.  He handles criticisms from colleagues and clowns with dignity.

11.  He wins the trust of management, fans and teammates through strong effort.

12.  He puts Bible verses on his face paint at U o Florida. (ex. Phil 4:13, John 3:16)

13.  He is dating a beautiful girl with self-control.

14. He remembers where he came from.

15.  He knows where he is going.

Celebrity Christians

Good examples are powerful, yet there is something off track about using celebrities to sell Christianity as cool.  That is not what I am doing above.  What I am doing is getting you thinking about issues in your life precipitated by current events.  You should become a Christian because you want to follow Jesus as your Leader and Redeemer, not because of celebrity product placement.  However, we all need human examples to interact with, be they in our family, friends, neighbourhoods or professional football games.

For more on strategies for living faith in a sports context, read these sites.

http://www.athletesinaction.comAthletes In Action

http://www.fca.orgFellowship of Christian Athletes

80+ players praying on the field after Queens U vs U of Toronto!

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