1 Mission, 4 Values, 15 Goals: Laying our strategic plan tracks at High Park Baptist Church

Building our church’s strategic plan (outlined below) reminds me of the work and reasons for laying these TTC Streetcar tracks (picture above).  Both are parallel in a slow construction process that results in securing effective and efficient service to citizens.  The Roncesvalles Renewed program included laying new tracks for streetcars.  Our strategic plan involved laying new “tracks” for our ministries.  Solid as steel, straight as an arrow.  For the last few years, our church, like neighbourhood has been under renewal and reconstruction.  Just as the new street car tracks were laid, so our ministry leaders have laid new tracks for our church to progress. Ding, Ding…ALL ABOARD!!! 🙂

Dear RumBloggers,

It has been a busy fall season and I apologize for not writing to you sooner.  This blog is a way for me to express some of my life and work so I thought you might be interested in knowing one of the major things I have been working on implementing this year.  This is our church’s strategic plan.  This document is what our board, members and ministry department leaders are aligning their efforts with.  These are our Street Car tracks.  It is the fruit of patient and humble consultation, Scriptural reflection and prayerful alignment.  The process was stretching and strengthening! As a church, we owe much to Robin Pifer and Gary V Carter for the consultation and coaching they provided throughout.  I am proud of the progress we have made to get into this and optimistic about our future in fulfilling it!  Read it, pray it through and give your time treasures and talents to making it happen! 🙂

Our Mission, as High Park Baptist Church, is to be “followers of Jesus Christ impacting lives in High Park Neighbourhoods”.  High Park neighbourhoods are those located in the Parkdale-High Park riding of Toronto.

We are motivated by Great Collective Calling to live out the Great Commandment and Great Commission in our Great Community (Matthew 22, Matthew 25, Matthew 28, Acts 1:8, Acts 2:42)

Here are the 15 Goals for our 4 Values : Worship, Serving, Outreach, Equipping.

Value 1: Worship – A prayerful community worshipping Jesus Christ passionately in Spirit and in Truth.

Goal 1:  Worship using Bible and prayer in all meetings.

Goal 2: “Service design team” energizes Sunday with diversity and harmony.

Goal 3:  Whole group obedience the Great Commission & Great
Commandment by asking for recommitments in public at important
seasonal transitions.

Goal 4: Rediscover spaces and aligning use with the mission by
Building Improvement Group (BIG) which has a ‘BIG inside’ and ‘BIG

Value 2: Service – Serving and encouraging with trust, compassion and care.

Goal 5: Develop and display a clear discipleship process of enfolding.
Ex. Root Group Strategy.

Goal 6: Create and communicate a simple process of decision making to
assure decisions are made and implemented as intended. Ex.
Organizational Chart.

Value 3: Outreach – Extending Christ’s freeing love to the Spiritually hungry.

Goal 7: Expect and work toward a 5-10% conversion growth rate for each
of the next 5 years.  This requires an attitude shift and presents a
measurement challenge.

Goal 8: Identify and equip an “evangelist team” to develop connecting
points in High Park neighbourhoods.  Specialists for effective
leveraging of local events.

Goal 9: Equip and train everyone to be part of the “outreach team”.
Corporate responsibility and fairness demands that we share the work
load. Opportunities to minister belong to all believers.

Goal 10: Assemble teams to pray in strategic places in High Park
neighbourhoods; to notice and describe the categories of people here,
as well as needs and opportunities for creative outreach.

Goal 11: Conduct two outreach training opportunities and three
outreaches to bless the community. Leveraging local events better. 2
handed approach to Christmas and Easter events.

Value 4: Equipping – Empowering followers of Christ to maturity in ministry.

Goal 12:  Equip every member to be a passionate, optimally placed
minister, ready to “pay a price” as an effective steward (Time,
Talents, Treasure) pursuing the vision of the church to glorify
Christ.  Support and steer those who seek service.

Goal 13:  Write and evaluate ministry descriptions for any and all
programs. Develop a new culture of excellence, responsibility and

Goal 14:  Evaluate each staff member (paid and volunteer), as well as
all programs and ministry systems, then make adjustments.  Attitude
shift required.

Goal 15: Effectively manage the clear leadership structure.

Reflection Questions:

1. How does this compare to the plan at your church or organization?

2. What can you do to help achieve these goals?

8 thoughts on “1 Mission, 4 Values, 15 Goals: Laying our strategic plan tracks at High Park Baptist Church

  1. Adam, it is a great encouragement to see you forging ahead! All you can do is all you can do. And all you can do is lead! I pray regularly that others will follow enthusiastically.

    The easy part is what you have done so far … now it is time to just do it!


    • Thanks Russ. The old cliche of”plan your work and work your plan” fits here. Now we focus on tracking progress, aligning effort and keeping the gospel motivation engine running by sharing success stories with one another. Thanks for commenting!

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