2 Minute Video: Reasons to Involve Yourself in a Local Church this Weekend

Yes, this video is American in origin, yet it speaks to the honest excuses and hang ups that Torontonians have about getting involved in a Gospel-centred local church community. Maybe you will identify a few of these ideas?  As one friend said to me on Facebook, they forgot laziness and busyness as excuses. 🙂

Here is what to do:

  1. Watch this video 3 times.
  2. Consider these reasons for involving yourself in a church this weekend.
  3. Use the share button to get the video to a colleague, neighbour, family and/or friend.
  4. Get involved in a local church, like HPBC, or one near you that loves and serves Jesus Christ with Biblical vision for faith community.
  5. Use these lines in future conversations about recruiting church involvement.

Please know that I am praying for you to realize true peace, power and prosperity in the ultimate and eternal sense, which Jesus Christ makes available in relationship with him.  I think local church involvement is important in that quest for fulfilment.


Thoughts, feelings, connections? Leave a reply:

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