4 Images of Spiritual Growth Plans after you Receive Christ: Walk, Rooted, Built Up, Established

I really want my RumBloggers to be syncronized with what I am teaching. This past Sunday, I totally loved teaching the HPBC fall launch message! The 1 hour presentation was organized like this:

(1) 37 minutes to describe a deep, clear vision of spiritual growth from the Bible passage Colossians 2:6-7 called “4 Images of Spiritual Growth Plans after you Receive Christ”.

(2) 23 minutes to explain our Root Group Strategy through a live testimony and then explain the HPBC Enfolding Process Diagram PDF below that was part of a larger handout.

Listen to my fall launch message here: Rooted In Christ

Read the stuff below as well. 🙂 If you want the original handout, then I can get you a copy.

Colossians 2:6-7 breaks into the following phrases.

  • Therefore, as you received Christ Jesus the Lord,
  • so walk in him,
  • rooted and
  • built up in him and
  • established in the faith,
  • just as you were taught,
  • abounding in thanksgiving.

HPBC Discipleship Process of Enfolding Diagram PDF: Sept 2011 HPBC Enfolding Process

HPBC Root Group Strategy:

  • Everyone who wants to be in a root group can have one before summer.
  • I have been praying that God will raise up godly, organized, hospitable, caring root group facilitators.
  • Root Group Strategy: Incarnate the 4 values by gathering in groups of 3-8 around the city by sign up sheets and informal invitations.
  • Let’s get organized into root groups again this year.
  • The biblical call to growth is served by groups.
  • You may feel the need for RG in these symptoms: individual isolation, need for knowledge, capacity to care, burden burnout, spiritual stalling.
  • Sundays are not enough to become Christlike fast enough.
  • Experience shows the cultivating supportive community is important for you to become more effective in mission and more exhibitive of the values by this time next? September 2012.

Personal Reflection Questions on Root Groups:

Q: How would a Root Groups make you more like Christ?

Q: What has you past experience been with small groups, growth groups, bible studies, prayer meetings? What will be different this fall?

Q: Who are the 3-8 people would you put roots down with this fall in a Root Group? When?

Q: What does the picture of growth described in Colossians 2:6-7 make you want to do differently this fall?

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