How to Pray for Your Church Leaders, including me.

In his book, “The Prayer Shield”, C. Peter Wagner states that, “The most underutilized source of spiritual power in our churches today is the intercession for Christian leaders.”  He further states, “No question exists in the minds of those who have experienced it; committed, faithful intercession brings increased spiritual power to Christian ministries.”
How to pray for your Church Leaders:
1.  Read over Hebrews 13:17, 1 Timothy 2:1-2 before you pray t0 remind you of your duty to pray supportively for their place in God’s sovereign will being accomplished.
2.  Pray for the leaders of your church by name and office.  At HPBC we have Pastors, Deacons, Leadership Council, Root Groups, Task Forces and Committees.
3.  Pray for the vision and values of your church to be accomplished through effective leadership. Click here for HPBCs.
4.  Pray for things like these: Deep roots in Christ through personal quiet times and supportive discipleship community (we call them Root Groups at HPBC), protection against burnout, harmonious efforts and communication skills, new leaders to be developed, increased favour with God and humans, purity and power in the Spirit, physical healthy and vitality, protection from sin, selfishness and Satan through schemes of intimidation, deception, temptation and oppression, pursuing prosperous priorities, emotional needs, building the strong bonds of family dynamics.
Thank you for praying for me in this way as I seek to take joyful refuge in God’s character of Holy Love and remain content and abiding in Christ as I serve him and his church here at HPBC.
I love preaching, praying, leading and listening.

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