Helping Our Hospital: Hard Hat Tour of the new Our Lady of Mercy at St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Dear RumBloggers,

Enjoy these pics and points from my hard hat tour of a local hospital and see how to help their goals.  One leadership lesson is that a guided tour of a building site is a great way to cast vision, unite community and raise funds!

The Chief of Pediatrics is describing the future facility with knowledge and passion. Inspirational!
Therapy tub in the family birthing centre and neonatal intensive care unit
Safety gear! Here is me on one of the rooftop terraces overlooking homes.

St. Joseph’s Hosptial is in the Roncesvalles Village part of Toronto’s High-Parkdale area.  As you may know, this ‘hood is where I live and work so it was nice to be apart of this developing story.  I am told that this new “Our Lady of Mercy” Wing will provide a leading facility for family-friendly, best-western-practice, medical health care. That is exciting local news, huh! Did you know that 3000 babies were born there last year?  This facility will accommodate 4000 births each year with excellence.  Health care matters to us, so this building should matter to us.

The St. Joe’s Foundation staff, Hospital board members, Redevelopment Project staff and the Chief of Pediatrics were inspiring to hear.  Their knowledge and passion casted a vision for creating a family-friendly hospital experience.  I saw evidence that holistic human needs were considered in the warm, inviting structure. The paint colours were pretty.  For example, labour/birth/recovery/postpartum (LBRP) rooms are best practice and allow mothers to stay in the same comfortable room for the duration of their stay. I also saw private family rooms, furnished patient lounges, space for art, lots of natural light, plus 8 more bassinettes for newborns who require specialized care.  I didn’t see a chapel or prayer area, but the atmosphere is such that I would feel comfortable praying everywhere! 🙂  In fact, I silently prayed as I walked through the halls and rooms.  A touching moment in the tour was hearing about The Toronto Centre for Substance Use in Pregnancy (T-CUP) program for chemically dependent newborns and how this space cares for them too.  I know many local families will be served well here!  As local clergy and resident, I look forward to this service opening and serving us soon.

  • Family Birthing Centre and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (1rst floor)
  • Adult inpatients (2nd & 4th floor)
  • Kids floor (3rd floor).

How can I help this hospital?  Advocacy, visitation, chaplaincy and prayer help people experience hospitable healthcare. Formal and informal visitation is part of vocational, Christian ministry. A ministry of presence accompanies a ministry of proclamation.  I have made many Pastoral visits to patients at St. Joe’s.  I have provided bedside counselling and prayer to the sick.  I have also visited new parents in hospital. I have provided crisis counselling and spiritual direction.  I hope to continue my ministry in this new facility.

How can you help this hospital?

Please take a moment and pray to Jesus for all the people who need physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual care in the High Park Neighbourhoods.

Jesus, use these physical means for your eternal ends.

Jesus, help people get healing in every way, through medicine or miracle or both.

Jesus, help us help our hospital and help our hospital help us.

Here is the link, if you would like to give towards the foundation’s goal of 1 million dollars by December 31, 2011:

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