Wheel Chairs and Wrist Watches: Secret strength for serving comes from sitting in Christ.

“We sit forever with Christ that we may walk continually before men.” – Watchman Nee,

Nee, a church planter in China during the 1930s, gives a pair of analogies for the priority of resting in Christ and how it will result in working for Christ on p. 35 of the 1977 edition of “Sit, Walk, Stand.”.  Here are my spins on them.

1.  Wheel Chair: Think of a person in a power assisted wheel chair.  They “go” and they “sit”. They keep going because they keep sitting.  They are seated in the power source.

2.  Wrist Watch: Think of a how an analogy wrist watch (with hands) moves. It moves because it is first moved by something beyond itself.  The hands move because the internal mechanism moves constantly in a healthy watch. He moves us to action.

The lesson I take form this, which I will use in the balance between meditation and mission action is this.

Secret strength for serving comes from sitting in Christ.

I’ll be speaking more about this balancing act on Sunday sermon from Luke 10 where we see two sisters. One, Mary, sitting at the feet of Jesus and the other, Martha, working in the kitchen for Jesus.

So, how does that balance work out in your life?

Are you sitting at Jesus’ feet?

Are you serving in Jesus’ strength?

Is it either/or, or both/and?

Which is first in sequence and priority?

Are there risks to being out of balance or out of sequence?

Thoughts, feelings, connections? Leave a reply:

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