Sneezing Atheist: 2 minute video by comedian Dane Cook on what might happen after you die.

Watch this video and then read my thoughts below.

Morals of the story?  Please comment.

1.  Cover your mouth when you sneeze.  Use your sleeve or a tissue.

2. Saying “God bless you” can open up a spiritual conversation with the “Sneezer”.

3. Some people desire to be trees after they die rather than being with Christ forever.

4.  The decision is fixed once you die, so the joke may be on the “reincarnated-as-a-tree-person”!

5.  Hoping you lived a good life is insufficient grounds for entering God‘s heaven.  Only abandoning our meritorious works for dependent faith in Jesus will proove to save us from hell and secures our future with Christ.

6.  Everyone dies! Are you ready to risk your eternal state on your current belief system? How did you aquire that system of beliefs?

7.  Do you stake your soul on the Saviour, Jesus? Believe and delight in the gospel.

8. [Updated] See comments below about how this video touches on “ultimate justice” and “material goods like trees and bodies”.

This You Tube Video can also be found at:

3 thoughts on “Sneezing Atheist: 2 minute video by comedian Dane Cook on what might happen after you die.

  1. Two further things:

    1. Justice: Dane’s comment about “and then you print the Bible on him” resonates with the personal justice and universal judgement themes that will culminate in the end times, however you predict them. People who think they are right may be wrong. That is ironically funny and sad too.

    2. Material goods like trees and human bodies: Resurrection Bodies are part of the Christian hope. That should build a bridge to “tree-people” who validate the goodness of material creation. We agree there. I believe that the inherent good of creation is validated without crossing between catagories of the created order. People will have resurrection bodies, not become trees. Trees will be trees free from sin effects from greed, pollution and over-forrestry. We won’t be disembodied spirits or angels either. 🙂

  2. Thanks for posting that video. Funny stuff. I think Dane subtly points that many people are confident even to the point of “knowing for sure” what will happen after death but none of us really do until we pass on. Faith is a requirement for the Christian and the atheist to justify our beliefs. I am thankful that my faith is a deposit from God and not just speculation based on a set of intellectual exercises.

    Grace and Peace in the Lord!


    • So true. “Knowing for sure” from experience is something that we can only imagine at this point in time. We can have informed imaginations based on the Biblical metaphors and concepts. Thanks for the comment. Im thankful for the realness of your faith too. It is real, not just “intellectual exercise”. God bless you Tony. 🙂

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