Recommended Reading: Beneficial Leadership Biographies.

What an awesome sub-title for a life story – Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy! 🙂 Rev. Dr. Tim Keller, from Redeemer Presbyterian Church Manhattan, writes a foreword that heightens our need to heed  Bonhoeffer’s story because of its gospel, global and historical setting of World War II Germany.  Metaxas then describes a detailed account of Bonhoeffer’s origin, and facinating characteristics in a tumultuous time.  Though exceptionally dramatic and detailed, this man’s life does have lessons for our lives today, whether we are Christian or non-Christian activists.  Listen to Bonhieffer’s life.  He was a gospel-centred advocate seeking mercy and justice. Metaxas also worte a praiseworthy biography on William Wilburforce. Great for summer reading for the week or two at the cottage or on a camping trip!  It is over 500 pages long. Read this if you are interested in losing track of time in the inspirational details of history, social justice advocacy and/or Christian, Pastoral ministry.  There is a 2 minute video on this book’s page at barnesandnoble.  Scroll down and look to the right.

Rev. Dr. John MacArthur, from Grace Community Church in Sun Valley California, draws 26 practical principles on leadership for all kinds of leaders, including “business leaders, civic leaders, church leaders, parents, teachers, personal disciplers, youth leaders or whatever.”  His method is encouraging us to imitate the leadership attributes found in the Biblical record of the Apostle Paul’s life and writings.  It is a response to the overly pragmatic, business focussed books that Christian leaders seem to read. If you are unfirmiliar with the Apostle Paul‘s facinating story then you’ll enjoy this book because it is an excellent survey of his life! If you want to “be like Paul”, then read this book during the summer and become a better leader, in your sphere, by the fall.  If you are called to lead anyone, read this. Here is a great leadership definition by MacArthur in the book, “A true leader inspires followers.”

I have read nearly every book Rev. Dr. John Piper, from Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, has written.  I was handed this one last night and will begin to read it this week by Lake Ontario.  It is part of an exceptional biographical series that John Piper has written.  Find the whole series, called “The Swans are not Silent” from Crossways by clicking here. Thanks to Rev. Dr. Harrison for lending me this book.

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