7 Characteristics for Christian Marriage

Dear RumBloggers,

This is wedding season!  In fact, I am saying a few words at a wedding this weekend and some of them are in this post! 🙂

I love helping couples on their big day by “doing weddings”.  The diverse events are meaningful: unity candles, Loved Ones, the “Give Away”, prayers and readings, rings, tears, photographs, dresses and suits, signing of the register, beautiful locations like parks and churches, special music, reception dancing and lots of great food.  The event is super important and romantic!  However, what I love more than “doing weddings” is I love “building couples” who wisely recognize that Christian marriage is more than an planning a celebratory ceremony. They grasp that Christian Marriage is all about cultivating a community triangle with Christ and each other.

Before the 7 C’s, Here are 4 fundamentals of Christian marriage theory.  Marriage is (1) from God, (2) for his glory, (3) for our good, and (4) dependent God’s grace to grow – married people need His Word, Son, Spirit and Church! Marriage is exemplified in the Christ-Church bond and the intra-Trinity Divine Community of Father, Son and Spirit.

Now for my story about how this list of 7 C’s characteristic of Christian marriage came to me.  At one wedding that I was honoured a part of, the beautiful and godly couple asked me to (1) pray, (2) give an inspirational call to action (charge) as well as asking (3) the congregation to shout out characteristics of a successful Christian marriage.  It was precious to see and hear the treasures being shared with the couple by their loved ones. It was heart-warming and soul-stirring. Here is what the wise group said and the wise couple heard:

7 Characteristics for Christian Marriage by the congregation at the wedding.

  1. Commitment
  2. Compassion
  3. Communication
  4. Consideration
  5. Character
  6. Courage
  7. Christ
My revised and expanded list follows from their initial, communal creation at High Park Baptist Church. I hope you enjoy wedding season.  I will share this with the couple, use it at subsequent wedding events and counseling sessions. I could add the relevant Biblical passages and some illustrations to make a sermon series and book manuscript. Remember these characteristics in your future and ask God’s Spirit to grow your marriage.

7 Characteristics for Christian Marriage, all starting with the letter C.

  1. Covenant Commitment, not Contractual Conditions.
  2. Cultivate your Chemistry. (keep romancing and dating alive)
  3. Christlike Characteristics and Convictions such as Courage, Compassion and the Great Commission.
  4. Celebrate Changes and Challenges.
  5. Communicate Consistently, Considerately and Clearly during Conflict.
  6. Community Connections both Complement and Compete with Couples. (friends, family, work, neighbours and church)
  7. More than you cherish each other….Cherish Christ!
My single and strongest charge to couples and families is pray together!

Will you consider praying with your spouse or family next time you see them?

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