Success Story parents model faith through devotions at home. Try using Mark Holmen’s book “Faith Begins at Home – Devotions”.

Dear RumBloggers,

Do your spouse and children need the spiritual nurture of more meaningful domestic worship times with you?

You may struggle to do “devotions at home” in consistently enjoyable ways. If so, then use this small (74 pages), simple and practical book about how and why to do family devotions at home.  Mark Holmen’s “Faith Begins at Home – Devotions” is useful step by step with age appropriate guidelines for all forms of family that desire a Christ-centred domestic dynamic of devotion.  Success Story parents model faith at home. Try using this resource.

I am told that Sunder Krishnan, Lead Pastor of Rexdale Alliance Church, gave this resource to his church on Father’s Day. He is a good example!  I first read this book during the preparation for my sermon series on Success Stories of Fathers. I talked about how Abraham, Job and the Parabolic Father in Luke 15 illustrated characteristic of good fathers, especially loving God more than their children.  They modelled devotion to God at home, not perfectly, but authentically and consistently!  You can listen to those audio sermons in previous posts below.

My favourite part is chapter 2, “Family Devotion Myths”.  Holmen names and de-bunks 6 myths that keep family devotions from happening. While Holmen points out that new behaviours are a big part of connecting with God together as a family, he is clear that the heart of the matter is this excellent question, “Are you ready, as a family, to be devotional at all times and places?”.

What if your kids are long gone from home? It is never too late. Ask forgiveness for missed opportunities and start fresh now! Use special occassions, calls, cards, meals, vacations. You are always their parents and they need your example! 🙂

What if you do not have kids of your own to influence for Christ?  You will likely have parents and kids in your church, family, and neighbourhood sphere of influence who you may wish to model and share with. Help parents to parent with resources.  Perhaps ask, “How can I help your family devotions?”.  Be that super neighbour, co-worker, cousin or Aunt!

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