Success Stories of Fatherhood – 12 ways to love your wayward child from *Desiring God

Father’s Day is June 19.

I admire the Fathers around me. I hope the June sermons, the link and words below help all people, including Dads.

I will be giving positive messages on Success Stories of Fatherhood from the Bible for the month of June. These stories will inspire everyone, regardless of parenting catagories. I am enjoying preparation for them, and I’m not a Dad (yet). 😉 I will be a Father one day, I pray! At that time, I hope to be an involved example of integrity and devotion to Jesus Christ. It has to be hard to be a consistent example, but that is the call on all people. I hope these stories help!

The Christian parents’ burden is to make desiring God probable, though not certain, in their kids by giving them grace and truth in word and deed. This quote puts it in perspective: “Our only hope for our kids’s salvation lies in the rich mercy of a compassionate God & the atoning work of our perfect representative, Jesus” –

An examplary Father, Mentor and Pastor sent referred me to this link from John Piper‘s son, Abraham. He writes about how to love wayward kids. Please read and share with any parent you know:

See you Sunday! 🙂

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