A poem and link about how hearing “Success Stories” every Sunday will inspire you to act more courageously

Hiya Rumbloggers, 🙂

I wrote you a poem to launch my newest sermon series.

“Success Stories” of faith inspire,

humans who crave volitional fire.

Loyal resilience is a constant test,

Gospel freedom is an active rest!

Bible history honours The Reliant,

who trusted God to make them valiant.

Pilgrims, parents, prophets and peasants;

experienced the profits of God’s Presence.

Father calls us to the Son, with word, by Spirit;

rewarding those who obey Him when they hear it.

What you led them out of, lead us out today!

What you led them into, lead us there we pray!

Click this link to hear the initial, orienting sermon for the “Success Stories” series recorded poorly, but live this past Sunday: SuccessStoriesIntro11June5

Join in at High Park Baptist Church’s Sunday service to focus on some of God’s “Success Stories” that will inspire you AND your friends, family, associates and neighbours. Invite someone to join you.

Remember, God is the real and powerful hero of our “Success Stories”.

Thoughts, feelings, connections? Leave a reply:

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