A Poem and picture to start my 4th year at High Park Baptist Church

Dear Rumbloggers,

I started serving as Lead Pastor of High Park Baptist Church on June 1, 2008.
Today is the 1rst day of my 4th year.

I’m thankful for the care and commitment that has been shared between many of us over the last 3 years. You have encouraged my faith to be strong, courageous and resilient (Joshua 1:6-9)!

I’ve been trying to prepare a blog post that answers the question, “So how has the first 3 years in Toronto at HPBC been?” Well, many of you who know me would understand the challenge of summarizing three years, such as these ones, in a few paragraphs. So, I took a photo in Muskoka this morning that felt like it summarized some of the key concepts of the past 3 years. I make a few poetic points below the picture.


White cap waves,
Wind under wings.

Green trees thrive along a rugged rock face.
Sun shines as clouds pass along this place.

What will year 4 hold?
What stories will be told?
How much redemptive gold?
What fruit of my love, so bold?

Isaiah 40:27-31

I can share more lessons learned in person sometime this summer. 🙂

One thought on “A Poem and picture to start my 4th year at High Park Baptist Church

  1. http://practicalshepherding.com/2011/06/01/what-should-i-expect-to-learn-my-first-5-years-as-a-pastor/
    Brian Croft wrote:
    This pastor writes in reflection upon his 5 year anniversary…
    – Pastoral ministry requires far more courage than I ever dreamed.
    – Expositional preaching is a far more effective medium than I ever imagined.
    – The temptation to quit the church or quit pastoral ministry all together is rather frequent, but perseverance is worth it.
    – Neglecting important ministries is terribly easy but also deadly in the long-term.
    – If there is a strong love-bond between the pastor and his flock – the congregation believes that I love them and I believe that they love me – that will cover a multitude of sins.

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