4 ways that email is like doing abs.

Email is like doing abs.

I find that email and letter writing is like doing core exercises/abominal workouts.

Here are 4 ways to show you what I mean and then 2 questions for you.

4 similarities between doing abs and doing email.

1. Both are broadly accepted as necessary tasks but difficult to do well. 2. Both are easy to avoid which causes problems for functional strength.
3. Both require careful form to avoid injury! (Praise the Lord for the draft box and emails that I have never sent!) 4. Both, web done well, will promote stability and strength.

I am about to do some email crunches!

Here are 2 questions to get you on the mat and squeezing some text out.

1. Does email make you tummy tighten with stress or strength?

2. What challenges do you find in your written correspondence, either typed or long hand?

I have a number of email tips, but I thought I’d start with this analogy between doing abs and email.

Ok. Im done. I am about to do some email crunches! I hope they have the intended results of core stability.

Share this if your inbox/outbox becomes a six pack of core strength.

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