Changing furniture disease into a weights allergy. My 12 Week Challenge at SNAP Fitness.

Dear RumBloggers,

I am about to go for a walk in this damp weather and have a healthy lunch and workout!  Before I do, I wanted to post some recent changes in my health so that you can pray for good results!

After my football career ended over a decade ago, I developed a condition called “furniture disease”. Have you heard of it?  It is caused by chairs and couches and results in my chest falling into my drawers. 😉

At present, I am 2 weeks into a 12 week fitness challenge at my gym –  SNAP Fitness.  It is like a biggest loser competition with prizes and everything that externally motivates us.  We are in teams that train individually, but meet weekly for assessment and discussion.  Motivated by social and spiritual influences, I am ready to rebuild my health and fitness levels as a form of Christian worship, self-respect, and social example.  The program was launched on the Monday after my 33rd birthday! What a perfect time to get fit and work to put my chest back where it belongs! 🙂  Tonight at 8pm, we have our challenge team meeting. I will show them that my weight is down and my arms are bigger already! Results are motivating!

I think I am developing a new disease called “weights allergy”.  Have you heard of it? I think I am allergic to weights because every time I touch them, my muscles swell up! 🙂 (insert gun show here AIA peeps)

I like the feeling of my “weights allergy” better than the old days of “furniture disease”.

Please pray for my change through this challenge.

My goal of weighing 220lbs on June 6 by focusing on muscle building in two ways.

1) consistently high protein/low carbohydrate diet with lots of water and vitamins.

2) consistently intense power lifting and weights training sessions.

See you at the beach.  Now, can someone point me to the beach? Is it this way or that way?

Thoughts, feelings, connections? Leave a reply:

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