My tree top view of our local tree of life-giving impact.

HPBC is a local tree of life! 🙂

Our logo is a tree because the Bible uses tree imagery for spiritual growth.

Our neighbourhoods are filled with big trees, which reinforces our vision.

Here is a 49 minute Tree Top view on our Vision Values series.

Click here to hear: VisionValuesTreeTopViewFeb20

I believe God will continue to grow deeper roots, stronger trunk, broad branches and lush green leafs as we live out these vision values:

We envision ourselves as followers of Jesus Christ impacting lives in High Park neighbourhoods, like a life-giving tree.

We Value Prayerful Worship:  We want to become a prayerful community, worshipping Jesus Christ passionately in Spirit and in Truth.

  • John 4:23-24
  • Acts 2:42-47

We Value Serving One Another:  We serve and encourage one another with trust, compassion and care.

  • 1 John 3:23 (cf. John 13:34-35).
  • Hebrews 10:23-25

We Value Reaching Out: We extend Christ’s freeing love to the Spiritually hungry.

  • Acts 1:8
  • 2 Corinthians 5:17-20
  • John 3:16-17

We Value Leadership Development: We equip and empower followers of Christ to maturity in ministry.

  • Ephesians 4:12-16.
  • Hebrew 16: 20-21.

We want Jesus to touch our church and make us grow into a vital and life giving local tree.

We want to have your involvement as we grow in this identity!

As we remain in vital union with Jesus Christ, the True Vine himself, we will be a local tree of life to the High Park neighbourhoods.

I trust him to make the results unbeLEAFable! 😉

Thoughts, feelings, connections? Leave a reply:

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