Leading through transition is about talking and trusting together

Life is a series of transitions.

It could be a death of a family member, divorce, job demotion or downsizing, physical demolition by cancer or construction.

I am a man in personal transitions including family relationship transitions and residential move.

I am Pastoring people in a church that is birthing new dreams for a new day ahead.

I am a resident in a neighbourhood that is under physical construction.

There is change ALL AROUND ME!

Here are some thoughts from Fellowship Networks that are from men who are helping me lead through transition.


Thanks to Pastoral Coach Gary V Carter and Pastoral Coach Robin Pifer and co-host Dan Shurr for this blog talk radio program.

I have read this book and heard their reflections.

Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change by William Bridges

3 phases of managing transitions:

1.  Ending of Old: Accepting losses, letting go of old circumstances: a role, an identity, a relationship, a physical home.

2.  Neutral Zone: The uncomfortable in between, chaotic, not old but not new yet.

3.  New Beginning: New identity, new energy, new benefits.

I am learning that leading myself and others through transitions of various kinds is about talking together and trusting the Lord.

Transitioning together requires talking and trusting together!

Let’s go somewhere new and better together.

Thoughts, feelings, connections? Leave a reply:

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