The Roncesvalles Health and Fitness Fair

Join in this healthy community building event on Nov 27, at 1:30pm at our church building.

Two key organizers, Linda and Donna, have just completed another visit and trip through the building. We are all super excited for this amazing community event to happen in our space for the benefit, blessing and building of whole health in our neighbours.

I will be there! ūüôā

Song quote and story: “Until the Whole World Hears” by Casting Crowns

Until the Whole World Hears
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I love listening to stuff that makes me think accurately, exercise easily, feel deeply, laugh heartily and dance crazily. I especially love music that inspires me to live for Christ more!

This morning is a glorious fall morning to stroll the grounds UofT-St.George campus then access their theological library as I prep for Sunday’s sermon on “Salvation”. As I now walk out of the church study, out the church door and hop on the College street car; I will be listening to this song on repeat! ¬†I hope it inspires your day today too!

Here is a quote from a song that is inspiring my ministry.

Casting Crowns, Until the Whole World Hears

“I want to be your hands and feet. I want to live a life that leads. To see you set the captive free, until the whole world hears. ¬†And I pray that they will see, more of you and less of me. Lord I want my life to be the song you sing!” – Casting Crowns in their song ‘until the whole world hears'”

That is MY heart’s prayer! ¬†Thanks Casting Crowns.

Here is a video telling the story behind the church band that made this song!

What do Martin Luther, you and General Rick Hillier have in common?

Reforming an institution rooted in tradition is nearly impossible for one person in one generation! Obama, Burke, Pope John Paul II, Martin Luther, Ghandi, Jesus Christ, Malcolm X, Hillier, You? We need examples and help!

If you are a visionary seeking to lead reformation inside a structured institution, then this is a great book for you. ¬†Do you work in a hospital, sports team, school board, religious order or political party? ¬†I recommend “A Soldier First” to sports coaches, church pastors, all politicians, health care, financial services and school board leaders. ¬†In fact,¬†I think anyone in institutional leadership should read this to understand how to pay the price for leading cultural transformation from inside ‘the room’. ¬†Anyone set on improving an institution will value the lessons of this book rooted in high stakes experiences.

Hillier inspired my church leadership by writing memorable events that show lessons about communication, morale, roles, responsibilities, having  sense of humour, team building, fielding criticism, influencing public opinion, changing staff, mentorship, family life, etc.

Hillier’s book is useful¬†because leading successful change from inside the system is hard to illustrate. ¬†Ask Obama, was elected¬†to make instant, sweeping CHANGE and found there are cement blockades to best intentions for transformation! ¬†That is the pain of visionaries inside a bureaucracy set on defending a risk-adverse stability, not¬†structuring and strategizing risking for a worthy mission.

Yesterday was an important day in church history.  It was Reformation Day.  A pivotal event in global culture occurred when Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses Рhis prescriptions for reforming the Catholic church Рto the door of the Wittenburg cathedral door.  Well, read about the Martin Luther of the Canadian Military Reformation.

Grab a poppy and read something about our Forces as we approach Remembrance Day. ¬†Geo-politically, it is important to be conversant in military issues like arctic sovereignty strategy! ¬†There have been a number of recent articles in the media that are worth reading, including the¬†“Time to Lead: The Military” series in the Globe and Mail. ¬†Reading this book helped me, as a Canadian citizen, to comprehend the place the Canadian Armed Forces plays in our national identity. too. This book can get you up to speed in the conversation.








There is a border between church and state that must be respected.  Religion, war and politics are too often tragically blurred resulting in a case of mistaken identity and personal pain!  However, reading this may make me a better leader without militarizing the mission of Jesus Christ. Good luck to you all as you prescribe and model reformation in your institutions and appreciate our military on Remembrance Day!

RumBlog Upgrades: beard picture, sharing button, Movember.

I’m back from Cuba. ¬†I enjoyed church yesterday at HPBC. ¬†I made some improvements to my personal website – my RumBlog!

There is now a sharing button as wel as wikipedia links to key words! ¬†The “sharing” button allows you to relay a post you like to your social network via email, twitter, facebook or even printer-friendly versions for co-workers and neighbours.

I have also updated the photo.  Fedora was for the summer, now I am rocking the full beard.  This month is movember, when men grow moustaches for solidarity around prostate cancer awareness month.  This beard has nothing to do with that worthy cause.  It is to keep my face warm and to teach me patience!  It is a patience beard!

There is a very cool “beard issue” of EYE WEEKLY magazine that declares this to be the year of the beard and has a number of facinating articles!