Etobicoke Creek Trail Opening Ceremony Video Interview

The Etobicoke Creek Trail was officially opened on Thursday to the delight of many citizens and partners.  I was happy to see local school children running on the new baseball field and seeking geocaching prizes.  This 39 km trail from Toronto’s waterfront to Caledon is aesthetically gorgeous, green smart and represents community building partnership.  It is worth experiencing!

On a personal note, I was honored to be invited  to the opening ceremony by Michael Gusche.  Not only is Michael leading the teams in our church through a $300,000 “building enhancement” project, but now can celebrate 12 years of project leadership culminating in the Grand Opening of the Etobicoke Creek Trail.  Michael is one of the most respected servant leaders in our church.  He also contributes civic leadership at George Bell Arena.  He is a Nehemiah-type gentlemen, if you are familiar with Judeo-Christian History.

Thank you Michael because I will be one of many who to actively enjoy God’s creation on this trail and therefore increase my quality of life.  See ya on the trail everybody!  Please watch this video and travel the trail to see his lasting work.

Learn more at…

City of Mississauga home page.

City of Mississauga Trail Page.

Eve Adams
300 City Centre Drive, Mississauga
Ontario L5B 3C1

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