Message audio on “Rebuilding”

We are rebuilding at HPBC.  A building is being restored.  Lives are building rebuilt!  Rebuilding takes God’s help through hot and heavy prayers and lots of dirty, hard work!  This past sunday was a very powerful service that marked a turning point in our powerful, local church!  If you missed it or want to relive it, then read and listen to the full audio here Sept12Rebuild

If you only have 5 minutes to listen, then listen to this part Sept12RebuildConclusion.  Here my passion for Jesus Christ as the ultimate rebuilders of churches and lives breaks out of my chest!

The first 12 minutes includes appreciating the building efforts of our congregation and key leaders.  There is an update on our building enhancement project by Michael Gusche and building enhancement fund by Tom Rayner.  We also appreciate the 14 year ministry of Kathy Rayner as former treasurer.

The body of the message draws lessons on prayer from tracing the prayer life of Nehemiah through the rebuilding effort of Jerusalem’s wall.  Enjoy!  Listen to the whole update and sermon here Sept12Rebuild

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