On September 11, you can help rebuild an urban worship centre.

September 11th, 2001 was a day of death and destruction, but now September 11th, 2010 is a day of rebuilding and restoring a worship facility.  The renovations at 9 Hewitt Ave are far less controversial than the mosque at ground zero.

Please join the effort.  Please come by the parking lot doors of 9 Hewitt Avenue to help paint, fill a dumpster and lay the new floor this Saturday Sept 11 form 7-9pm and or all day Saturday September 11th.

Michael, Andrew C, Joanna, Andrew R, Margot, Justin, Steve, Thomas have made tremendous enhancements towards the goal of recovering a room to be used for a dance studio, nursery school, arts and party room, Christian education and worship room.

Andrew Connell has taken two splendid photos to record the progress.  Please explore his amazing photo gallery from around Ontario.

Before 2 days of work

Working Away…

Some kind of trap door in the middle of the old floor!

The ceremonial final piece!

After 2 days of work

The whole building needs about 300K in a “Building Enhancement Fund”, but this first phase is a target of 6K.

People can mail a cheque to “High Park Baptist Church” with a clear designation to “Building Enhancement Fund”.

The church address is HPBC, 9 Hewitt Ave, Toronto, ON, Canada, M6R 1Y4.

Thanks for your interest and participation.

We can make a great space together!

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