Restoring Joy by Gordon MacDonald

Joy can be restored!

If you are feeling off your game, then I recommend you read something like this before the fall frenzy hits your home.

This book title picked me when, during a low joy level season, I was strolling and scanning the shelves at Crux Books on campus at U of Toronto by Wycliffe College.  🙂

Restoring Joy is three best-selling books in one volume of nearly 600 pages.

1.  Ordering Your Private World.   I have read OYP at 5 momentous life transitions from known to unknown.

2.  Renewing Your Spiritual Passion. I read this slowly when my dry and dull soul had to keep sawing wood.

3.  Rebuilding Your Broken World.  This has thoughtful tips for reconstructing a different and stronger life at fresh start times.

The next one of his to read is The Resilient Life.

About Gordon…

I value the voice of Gordon MacDonald on his adversity laden adventures as a North American man in ministry.

His writing has helped me find peaceful order at times of disorientation, distress, disorganization.

His lessons, illustrations and quotes continue to benefit me during two major losses in my life.

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