My Lost Blackberry Lessons

I lost my Rogers Blackberry 9700. Now what?

The last place I had it was our highly successful HPBC Social in Sorauren Park.  I’ve checked the bag, church van, park thrice. Q:Will some kind Parkdale-High Park-Ronces neighbour return it not sell it?  I’m calling Rogers after this too break the news to them.

It’s absence of less than 24 hours is already teaching me 6 lessons:

1.  Praying for little things is okay – even my lost BBs.  I pray for a lot of things and you can too.  Nothing is too big or too small.

2.  Crackberry indeed! I rely heavily on its presence in many habits of daily life. How much is too much? I can stop anytime….why are my hands twitching? hahaha 🙂 Glad I didn’t name it!

3.  Pinics don’t need BBs. I thought I would need it for micro-blogging pics on facebook and twitter!  Leave the phone in the bag in the van next time Adam.

4.  Old end = New start:  Maybe the end of the relationship with this BB may be the beginning of a new relationship with the new IPhone 4.  It may be better suited to my needs and compatible with my MacBookPro.

5.  Luke 15.

6.  Life goes on, even if it is a temporary trip back to the dark ages of wooden sticks with lead tips, lists on paper and land lines.

I’ll let ya know what happens…a) same phone restored, b) I suddenly love pencils, c) new BB or d) new IPhone.

My church phone number is 416-534-4225!

Thoughts, feelings, connections? Leave a reply:

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