Inception Movie Review

Inception is Exceptional.  It gives a big KICK.

On Wednesday night I pre-screened Leonardo DiCaprio’s new movie INCEPTION.  It comes out today!

Think Matrix, Shuter Island and Bourne Identity.

INCEPTION is worth seeing twice in theatres, but go in the afternoon with a friend so you can talk about it before bed.  That way your dreams of your mind will be more like a walk on the beach than a urban crime scene. My dreams on Thursday night were car chases with guns through downtown buildings.

I was in the film buff and saw a quote that says, “All you need to make a movie is a girl and a gun”.  Well, Leonardo had both, plus plus.

Deep thinkers neck deep in urban life will enjoy the roller coaster rider through the life of the mind:

*Loss of and longing for spouses and parental relationships

*Urban working life, with it’s work team dynamics life, sleep deprivation

*identity and personal information security.

*physics, metaphysics and pharmacology

*urban planning and architecture.

For fun, check out @LeoDiCaprio on Twitter for an Inception comic.  You’ll get a kick out of it!

Thanks to Markus, Warner Brothers, Virgin Radio’s Maurie and TIFF.

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