Tennis Puns

Adam Rumball The Christian life is like doubles tennis…serving well helps the team win.
That pun is the opening line of my sermon this week thinking of Jacob Miles and Jordan Hoy. Anyone have any tennis puns?

Chad Fairbairn Tennis was first mentioned in the Bible when “Joseph served in Pharaoh’s court…

Vicki Sloat well you can use “love”, “Ace”, “double fault”,

Adam Rumball The “net” effect of our puns is good though!

Vicki Sloat Life is all about how we “rally” back!

Rodger Cleland Tennis was first played in Biblical times – Joseph served in Pharaoh’s court

Tim Henshaw The Christian life is like a game of tennis when the score is Love all

Andrew Hansen Agassi what I can do for you. I’ll give you a few, but tennis my limit. I saw all these posts and wondered what all the racket was, but now I know. Venus the sermon by the way? I hope this sampresses you.

Tim Henshaw will it evert stop? Connor try for a few more if you like. You might be able to Graf them into your message. Arantxa glad you asked?

Tim Henshaw how serena of youto say that

Chad Fairbairn I know everyone will enjoy your sermon…They’ll all have a racket…(sp?)

Adam Rumball “Serving One Another” message walk-thru/rehearsal then small group tonight. Thanks for all the pun help! I was trying to pun with “deuce” but have to leave that for another day!

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