Toronto tweek on the World Cup

Locally, England will be well represented at the Dizzy in Roncesvalles Village.  Little Italy and Portugal are right up the street on College and Dundas, respectively.  I am prepared for lots of honking and flag waving.  Speaking of flag waving and local content….Watch K’Naan’s Official World Cup Song “Waving Flag” here on QTV via YouTube.  K’Naan and I have the same hat supplier on Big It Up on Queen Street West!

Personally, my enjoyment of the FIFA World Cup here in Toronto in enhanced by the members of the AIA Soccer Tour to Northern Ireland.  They helped my skills and my appreciation of the beautiful game.  It has the power to unite and divide cities, like Belfast and Toronto.

Think about it on a National scale.  I wish Canada was in the World Cup so TFC’s star Dwayne DeRosario (see photo below) could play and do his bird wings goal dance.  However, would having Canada in the World Cup divide or unite Canada’s diverse ethnic fabric?

4 thoughts on “Toronto tweek on the World Cup

  1. I do not think that Canada being in the World Cup would divide Canada’s diverse ethnic fabric.
    I think all Canadian’s would hope for Canada to actually win a game or even score a goal!!!
    If they were good, like had potential to move to the second round then they might divide people’s allegiances, but we would all just hope for them to over achieve.

  2. UNITE, of course. Quite frankly with Jamaica out and Canada out, I am at a loss for a team to cheer for. Greece of course, but that’s just because of Eli…likely Brazil, cuz that’s who I grew up cheering for, since they are one of my dad’s fav teams…

    • Good comments Jadon and Donna. The diversity in and absence of Canada makes a unique challenge for cheering. Check this link from @RyanSeacrest: If u guys want a full list of the new #worldcup “hashflags” (like #rsa vs. #mex), go here:

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