Adamant PunBlog

43 comments on Facebook resulted punny, creative suggestions for my blog name.  I chose to incorporate the best into the blog, where I can.  Thanks too all who contributed!

Phillip Hayes Are you ready to “Rumball”

Andrew Thomas Connell Rumballstiltskin, Barney Rumball, Royal Rumball

Joanna Medri Rumball in the Jungle

…and that’s the way the cookie CRumballs..

Adam’s Apple CRumball

Fear and TRumballing

-rather than apple…’P(r)each CRumball’

-Rumball’s Rambles

– ScRumballed Eggs

– FRumballing for Words

Jude St.John ScriptoRUM or ConundRUM

Trevor Froehlich “Pun”isher ·

Dave Johns


Rumball’s Rambles

Rumball’s Bumbles

Rumball’s Rumblings



A Dam Good Blog

I don’t want the winnings to become my I-doll because I already know my in-hair-itence. (From the man who thinks puns are the lowest form of humour)

Andrew Dow

Adam’s Eden

Let’s get ready to Rumball

Tumble with Rumball

Adam’s Antics

Rumballs Recitations

Actually Adam

The Rum & Ball

Rumballs Ruminations

Your Chum Rum

Brett W. Carroll


Adam’s Apple

Death Through Adam Rumball, Life Through Christ

Madam, I’m Adam (it’s a Palindrome)

Humble Rumballs Writings

Original Spin – A blog by Adam “The First Man” Rumball

Mad Adam Rumballs Random Ramblings

Adamant – def; refusing to be persuaded or to change mind

Tim Henshaw rumballution

Deanna McLeod “Actually Adam” and “Original Spin”.

Christine Berube Did “Rumballings” make the cut? I kinda like it. I also like Dee’s idea, Original Spin. ActuallyAdam is good too. There’s my vote!

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