Creating Complete Champions for High Performance in Real Life

I believe in the importance of personal growth and spiritual development in order to become complete champions who can reach high performance in our personal and professional lives.

Hi I’m Adam.  I believe in creating complete champions.  I believe in the importance of personal growth and development in order to be a high performance person.   I believe that the hardships we go through will either make us or break us; and it is how we game plan that makes the difference.  I believe your greatest tests can be your greatest testimony.  I believe the transitions, challenges and changes that we face, are opportunities for unprecedented growth.  Capturing the momentum of transitions and changes can be a great way to become a complete champion and to get to the next level of what your vision of success is.

I have served Olympians as an inspiration and advisor to help them become complete champions.  I have served federal correctional inmates as they try to transition out of the institution into “normal life” and get jobs, and friends, and an apartment…I helped them game plan for that.  I have served people at various level of mental health recovery and helped facilitate their personal recovery game planning.  I have served churches and helped them rediscover their corporate and individual identity – their mission, vision and values – through strategic planning.  I have also served “at risk youth”; and helped them try to define some personal standards for their navigation through this world of competition and distraction.  I have also helped student athletes to develop a purpose for their life during those formative university years so they can develop a vision of success, purpose and meaning for their lives and work towards achieving it.  I have served members of the Toronto Blue Jays Organization, helping them become complete champions.  High performance people know the importance of being a complete champion.  Giving adequate attention to all areas of life is very important. Quite often, however, high performance people are neglecting other major areas of their lives, such as the spiritual or the social.  I have worked with the Toronto Blue Jays and helped them to become complete champions.  For example, helping them strike the balance between work and life and family.  I helped them to think about the importance of giving back; and leveraging their platform to give back; and make a positive difference in the world.  Also, I’ve helped them focus on the importance of their spirituality and their relationship with God.  I did this through motivational speeches as well as one-on-one meetings where I got to listen to them describe their vision of victory, and their dream success in life and encourage them to become complete champions.  Now, you may not be a Toronto Blue Jay, but in your life; whatever your cause; being a complete champion and reaching high performance is equally as important.

How can I help you become a complete champion? Let’s team up!

Coaching Sessions: 2 Minute Video and 3 Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ 1: How is coaching different from counselling or psychotherapy?

Generally, coaching focusses on the impact of the present on your future, while counselling focusses on the impact of the past on your present.  My coaching process assesses your present situation and empowers you to use your resources to attain your future goals in life.

FAQ 2: Can we do virtual/online sessions?

Yes.  This option of works best for many people’s lifestyles.  Virtual/online coaching allows for efficient face-to-face communication.  I’m able to do “virtual” coaching sessions with great people like you from around our globe through efficient video chat programs (Skype, iChat, etc).  It is simple and smooth to arrange a video session for settings such as: at home after dinner (and maybe the kids go to sleep), on the train, at the office, in a coffee shop or airport lounge.   Let me know if “virtual” sessions work better for your lifestyle. Let’s set something up using the form below. :)

FAQ 3: How does it work financially?

There are two service packages available.  Both can be customized to fit your personal strategy, passion and vision. The first offers a bundle of 5 to 10 sessions.  The second is an upgrade on the basic bundle of 5 to 10 sessions, which adds supplemental support services by voice and writing for an additional monthly fee.  Both packages include a free e-subscriptions to I do not want financial strain to be an obstacle to your success and I do offer a negotiable fee scale depending on your circumstances.  Let’s talk about building a “win-win” game plan! :)

Book your first assessment session now to start realizing your vision of victory.

Inspirational Communication: 1 of 31 Skills for Successful Leadership

Successful leaders skillfully communicate inspiration.

The inspirational communication of a successful leader to their people is like the wind in the sails of a fleet of racing sailboats.  I feel most like a leader when I connect with people in an emotional word picture.  Emotional word pictures can powerfully engage our heads,  hearts, hopes and hands.  The best example that I can think of for this skill is Jesus Christ’s ability to inspire a global movement of faith, hope and love through his words.  Have you read the Gospels? He casts the most inspiring and passion producing vision of life as it could be through his use of words and deeds.

Inspirational communication is an important skill because many people’s sails are not pregnant with the possibilities of vision. However, they are in the boat with sails up and want to move, but just need “word-wind” to move ahead.  Now, I realize that some people do not have their sails up. Some people’s sails are in need of repair.  Some people’s sails are bundled up and tied down.  Their sailboat may even be docked or stored in a slip.  Next time you have an audience of any size, ask them to put their sails up and then speak motivating wind into their sails with an emotional word picture. Paint them a picture of the possibilities with your words and deeds.  Try this: Speak motivating and spirited words into your people’s open sails.  Watch what happens when you speak motivating and spirited words into your people’s open sails.

Successful leaders are skilled at putting wind in people’s sails through inspirational communication.  To be a successful leader, you must become skilled at harnessing the power of words.  Now, successful leaders understand that communication dynamics involve more than “just words” and yet are skilled at maximizing the power of words for inspiring people. The study of effective inter-personal communication certainly involves awareness of verbal, non-verbal, para-verbal features. Inspirational communication happens in formal and informal setting of various group sizes all over the world through diverse mediums and forms. Successful leaders can customize and contextualize their words and deeds to maximize the inspiration.

“Vision is a picture of the future that produces passion in people.” – Bill Hybels

Contact me for further coaching, counselling, communication or consulting on this skill. :)

Working With Adam

 Coaching, Communication, Consulting: I am an inspirational communicator and encouraging educator who is always seeking new opportunities for challenging and rewarding service. I am an active listener and personal coach who connects well with people as they meaningfully engage their past experiences, present reality and future potential. I am a motivational speaker and group facilitator who effectively shares heart-felt stories, value-based principles and results-oriented advice for life and leadership with motivated individuals and groups. I love working towards “light-bulb” or “eureka” moments. I had a successful athletic career in team sports, such as football at Western University. I have a B.A. in Sociology and an M.Div. in Pastoral Leadership. I have served many people and organizations as a “Minister of Morale” during my 12+ years of leadership and management in the social sector. I serve all people: the spiritual, the secular, the skeptical, the seeker, etc.  Now, how can I serve you and yours? :)

Topics of Special Interest: Tackling Transitions like a Champion, Passion-Mapping: Finding Meaning at Work, Enrich Canada Marriage Preparation and Enrichment Facilitator, Spiritual Growth, Leaving a Living Legacy, Confident Communication Skills, The Athletic Advantage: Attributes of High Performance People, Emotional Resilience: Recovering and Developing Your Personal Wellness, Conflict Resolution Strategies, Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) Facilitator, Advice on Successful Transitions, EQCommunications Assessment, Recruiting Resources for Our Vision and Mission, Hope and Healing, How to Make and Keep Good Friends, Personal Standards and Life Choices, Anger Management, Skills for Success, Leadership Lessons, Go For It!

Groups and Individuals: Toronto Blue Jays Organization, Under- or Unemployed People, At-Risk Youth, Correctional Services of Canada Clients, Leaders and Managers in both the private and social sector, Community Organizers, Social Service Workers, Sales Forces, Management Teams, Church Congregations, Men’s Groups, Student-Athletes and Olympians.

Service Packages: 1. Personal Coaching Sessions. 2. Group Training Workshops. 3. Motivational Speeches. 4. Strategic Project Guidance Contracts. 5. Wedding and Funeral Event Planning and Officiation.

Fee Structures: 1. Private sector clients. 2. Social sector clients. 3. “Pay What You Can” clients.

Current Office Location:

Office #9 – 240 Roncesvalles Ave. in the Village Healing Centre.

Service Inquiries and Requests to “Set Something Up”:

My List of Top 31 Skills for Successful Leadership

1. Inspirational Communication
2. Keen Observer
3. Competitive Focus
4. Personal Resilience
5. Courageous Heart of A Champion
6. Grace Under Fire
7. Leadership Development
8. Foster Loyal Friendships
9. Have Happy Hobbies and Holidays
10. Intruiged Interviewing
11. Celebrate Our Wins
12. Conflict Negotiation
13. Value-based Standards
14. Delegate Assignments
15. Navigate Transitions and Changes
16. Recruit Resources
17. Stewardship Attitude
18. Identify Walls
19. Triaged Options
20. Time Management
21. Self-Awareness
22. Value-Added Feedback
23. Cultural Sensitivity
24. Decision Making
25. SMART Goals
26. Public Speaking
27. Community Service Orientation
28. Respect for History
29. Motivate with Meaning
30. Encouragement Coaching
31. Faith, Hope and Love

Assisting with Adjustments After Afghanistan: Wounded Warriors, Chaplains and you.

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Afghanistan Mission was closed today after over 12 years and over 40,000 members deployed.  To acknowledge this milestone day, I dedicate my 180th blog post to:

(1) raising awareness for the Wounded Warriors Canada (Phil Ralph and his team).

(2) expressing admiration for the vital work of our  CAF Chaplains – nicknamed “Padres”.

(3) equipping Canadians with a simple and supportive questions to ask military service members they care about.

A day like this highlights the need and importance of us all assisting CAF members and their friends/families with adjustment after Afghanistan!  This blog post is not a military insider’s perspective, but rather a compassionate clergy person and community member who is concerned about the care of Canadians, in the military and civilian life.  I have posted 6 informative links at the bottom as well as inserting them throughout the post, as blue hyper-text.

People are not flags.

There is a flag lowering ceremony at the end of a military mission.  Our Canadian flag is lowered with reverent care, folded up tight and tidy, then flown home safely.  Simple and important symbolism.  However, people are not flags.  People should be handled with more reverent care than a flag, yet they do not transition home from war as easily! People who have returned/will return from serving on active deployment, who have experienced combat, are not simply folded-up tidy and flown home to be quickly run up the pole again at home – crisp and bright – snapping in the wind.  It is easy to understand that there are some very difficult adjustments to life during and after a member’s deployment.  Obviously, Kabul is not Canada.  A recent learning experience brought that truth hope in dramatic fashion.  My mother took me to see The Two Worlds of Charlie F, as a birthday present.  It was an authentic, powerful and informative theatre production that depicts the experiences of military service people (and their families) before enlisting, up to and during deployment and then after return to home soil.  Warning:  It is shocking and messy at times.  It graphically reinforced what I knew already: injuries sustained are not just physical, but also mental, social, emotional, spiritual, financial, etc.  Sadly and tragically, many people cannot adequately cope with the new normal.  Social problems and issues like addiction, mental health, suicide, grief/loss, anger/abuse, separation/divorce, PTSD, etc are possible outcomes.  Circumstances can be improved with the right kind of care. These issues listed do occur in all Canadian populations, but the media has raised awareness of tragic rates in the military. Self-destructive ways of coping with distress in military life may be common knowledge, but it in December, General Lawson made a 2 minute video statement about suicide and mental health challenges in the Forces. View it here. He is right when he says, “Care is available to each of us!”

Chaplains have a vital role in successful strategies for resilience and recovery.

War, like other dramatic distresses in life, can break people: physically, socially, emotionally, ethically and socially.  Transitions can be tough.  Social support and spiritual care are precious and essential parts of the transition towards resilience and recovery.  Care can come from formal and informal channels.  We can all care for our friends, families, colleagues and neighbours.  We can all assist with the adjustments after Afghanistan.  One formal way that CAF support is provided is through Chaplains.  You can read this quote about their vital role below and/or watch a video here:

The Chaplain Branch contributes to the operational effectiveness of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) by supporting the moral and spiritual well-being of military personnel and their families in all aspects of their lives, during conflict and peacetime. Chaplains minister to the needs of all members of the CAF and their families, whether they attend church or are of the same religion – whether they have any spiritual beliefs at all.

CAF chaplains have dual accountability, to ecclesiastical and military authorities. As faith group leaders, chaplains come under the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of their denominations and faith groups. As commissioned officers, they are subject to the code of service discipline and are responsible to their military superiors. The Chaplain Branch is headed by a Chaplain General who advises the Chief of the Defence Staff and reports administratively to the Chief of Military Personnel.

All Canadians can assist CAF members with the adjustments after Afghanistan.

You don’t have to be a trained professional to express care!  You can help as an interested friend, family member, colleague or neighbour who wants to help.  Immediate family may be desperately motivated and hoping for changes.  Check out the link below for CAF support services.  What do you say to open up a caring conversation with a service person?  Everyone is different in how they cope with distress and transition, but here are safe and simple questions I recommend when getting-to-know anybody.  Try something like, “What is it like being you?” or “What about your personal experience do you think I could understand?” See what they say?  Repeat as needed.  Training helps, but it is not mandatory! I imagine we can all recount stories of support  we received from people who simply cared enough to honour our journey of life by creating a safe space to be real, without judgement, and really listen to us.  You may also be able to recall expressing care for people and seeing their positive receptivity.  In my life, I have found care and support from formally and informally trained care-givers.  Also, as I try to care for others, I believe a little love and listening goes a long way these days! :)  Do you agree? You can do it!

Commitment to Continual Care
Afghanistan is not the first or the last armed conflict for Canadians.  The need for remembrance, reflection and  care will continue! Wounded Warriors, Chaplaincy and you are all part of a successful strategy for caring for our service people and, for that matter, all our neighbours in general.  I pray for hope, help and healing in all individuals in our world.  As it relates to our troops, may the expectations and hopes expressed by General Lawson echo through the Canadian neighbourhoods and communities that we all seek to serve and shape together.

“Today, after more than 12 years and the deployment of over 40,000 Canadian Armed Forces members, our mission in Afghanistan has come to a close. This mission has had a profound impact on the generation of soldiers, sailors, airmen and women who contributed to it, and to their families who supported them throughout. Together with all Canadians, we will commemorate our fallen and we will care for our ill and injured. As our flag comes down today, we look back on our mission with pride, knowing that through our efforts we have helped Afghans to gain the hope of a brighter and more secure future.”- General Tom Lawson, Chief of the Defence Staff in the March 12, 2014 Press Release.

6 Informative Links:

Mar 12, 2014 Press Release: CAF Completes Military Mission in Afghanistan

Video Statement by General Lawson on Mental Health in the Forces

Two Worlds of Charlie F

Wounded Warriors Canada

CAF Support Services Page

CAF Chaplaincy Job Description VIDEO

My 2013 year in blogging report

Dear RumBloggers,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 11,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

God bless,


My Master’s Mandate: The Great Commandment and The Great Commission.

We are called to collaborate in our commitment to the great commandment and great commission of our great Christ.

The Great Commandment: Love God and Love Your Neighbour.

Matthew 22:34-40 ( see also Mark 12:28-34, Luke 10:25-28)

Deuteronomy 6:4-6, Leviticus 19:19, Matthew 5:43-45, Matthew 19:19, Romans 13:9, Galatians 5:14, James 2:8

The Great Commission:  Your Mission is to Multiply the Ministry of Our Master.

5 restatements of The Risen Lord Jesus Christ sending his Disciples/Apostles out to reproduce apprentices/make more disciples:

Matthew 28:16-20, Mark 16:14-18, Luke 24:44-49, John 20:21, Acts 1:8-9.

Listen to the sermon audio from my Nov 17 at Pine Grove Bible Church:

Talk Times: I am open to book speaking engagements, group sessions and one-on-one meetings.

 It is time to talk about some of my valuable leadership and life lessons.
I would like to speak to your network of Men’s Groups, Student Retreats, and Leadership Groups about what I have experienced in my Christian Faith Journey through Competitive Sports, Community Chaplaincy, Pastoral Ministry, Weddings & Funerals, Local Outreach Efforts, Personal Struggles and Successes in Leadership, Grief & Loss, Fear & Courage, Social Media Strategies.
Contact me directly to book a your date, audience and topic of interest.  As the Baseball Chapel season concludes, I will be free and open to serve your network through speaking engagements and group/one-on-one meetings.

Rev. Adam R.C. Rumball


  • Evangelistic Passion
  • Biblical Preaching
  • Ministry Team Leadership
  • Strategic & Transitional Planning
  • Community Chaplaincy
  • Organizational Leadership


Chaplain to Toronto Blue Jays Organization, Baseball Chapel. Toronto, ON

Volunteer Associate Chaplain, Corrections Canada – Keele Centre. Toronto, ON

2012 – 2013, Pastor of Community Outreach & Community Chaplaincy – Westminster Chapel. Toronto, ON

2008 – 2012, Lead Pastor – High Park Baptist Church. Toronto, ON

2007 – 2008, Pastoral Intern – North Park Community Church. London, ON

2004 – 2008, Campus Minister, University Student-Athletes – Athletes In Action, Western University & International Projects.

2001 – 2004, High School Student Ministry – Youth For Christ, London, ON and Victoria, BC.


1997-2001, (B.A. Hon.) in Sociology, Western University. London, ON.

2001 – 2008, (M.Div.) Masters of Divinity in Pastoral Studies – Heritage Theological Seminary. Cambridge, ON.

Community Outreach: Register here for our August Youth Soccer Camp in High Park.

 poster online westminster chapel
As a community outreach experience, Westminster Chapel and Athletes In Action will team up to offer a Youth Soccer Camp from August 12-16 in Toronto’s beautiful High Park.
Please read the details, register your child and/or share these links with those who may like to register for this wonderful week.
Click this link for the Registration Page only
Thanks to Arleen (the Super Intern) for her administrative support in setting this all up for the volunteers, coaches and youth!
Thanks to Westminster Chapel and Athletes In Action for having the heart of Jesus to reach out to the active youth of Parkdale-High Park-Roncesvalles Village through the language of sports!
God Bless You,

Recent Ministry Activity: Baseball Chapel Leader for Blue Jays, Prison Ministry, Food Bank, HFH, etc.

My Community Outreach & Institutional Chaplaincy Praise Report

Dear RumBloggers,

Here is a list of recent developments in my ministry department since the church amalgamation. There have been some new and exciting ministry opportunities that have emerged amidst our new church’s adjustments, challenges and changes. I really like the staff, board and congregation of Westminster Chapel. I am believe that I am gradually adapting to the new environment and settling into my new role and responsibilities successfully. Thank for all the support along the journey. Keep praying for us all to be a church that make a gospel-impact on the people of Toronto.

Community Outreach:

Record breaking food donation from one neighbour household.

Record breaking food donation from one neighbour household.

58 boxes were delivered by 25+ people to 44 households on 11 local streets.

58 boxes were delivered by 25+ people to 44 households on 11 local streets.

People in our church did a great job serving God together by blessing our neighbours in Jesus’ name through:

1. Habitat For Humanity Build Day and Home Dedication Services. Read a previous post on one local event here:

2. Roncesvalles Polish Festival Outreach Tent Days.

3. Food & Clothing Bank Work and Donations.

4. Toronto Star “Santa Claus Fund” Christmas Gift Box Deliveries.

5. Prayer Walk Teams.

6. In December, SIM Canada and Westminster Chapel secured an MOU for the Chang’s “Culture Connexions” vision to serve the Church through cultivating intercultural character and ethics as foundational to Kingdom living, valuing the reciprocal blessing of intercultural relationship, and envisioning God-inspired blessing among diverse neighbours and communities.

7. In January, I plan to attend and recruit people to the relaxed and informative “Searching For Truth” course. This is good chance for skeptics, spiritual seekers or new believers to explore the basics of Christianity. It is led by my colleagues Joe Boot and Scott Masson at 9 Hewitt Ave on Tuesday evenings at 7pm and a meal is provided.

Institutional Chaplaincy:

Thankfully, God has opened a door for me to have ongoing Christian services in new areas. Pray for me to make good relationships with everybody so I can know how to best serve spiritual needs among the following people:

1. Correctional Service of Canada at the Keele Centre (300 Keele St. at Annette) and possibly elsewhere too.

Rev. Harry Nigh and Rick Arsenault have a lot of experience and will train me to serve well in this context. I first got involved with prison ministry in Kingston during the recent Grey Cup week festivities. Athletes In Action Canada and Prison Fellowship Canada arranged events with the CSC Chaplains to bring CFL players to speak with inmates. During these visits, we spoke to inmates at three prisons and twice to athletes at Queens University.

2. Toronto Blue Jays organization through Baseball Chapel.

With the support and training of experienced staff like Kevin Edelbrock, I looking forward with humble confidence to this service opportunity! The team has 13 home Sundays (April through August) in which they need a chapel service (a 15-minute mini-sermon / devotional). The Sunday games are at 1pm. I’ll be at the park a few hours before game time to set up chapel, see ball park staff, front office people, players & coaches, do chapel (one for the visiting team, one for the home team and then dropping by to see the umpires). Sometimes there are 3 guys in attendance, sometimes there are 15 or more. The Jays have a lot of new faces so I’ll be building it from the ground up. As well, I’ll strongly encourage a mid-week Bible study of some type for the players and one-on-one meetings with the guys.
There is also an oversight role to this as well, and some travel. As a Major League Chaplain, I’ll be overseeing each of the 7 minor league teams. I’ll visit two minor league teams per year to see the chaplain in action. As well, I’ll stay in touch with the others and you would be a resource to them. I already met and enjoyed a lunch with Chaplain Joe Ciffa in Buffalo, the Jays’ AAA team. I am looking forward to a conference with Baseball Chapel in Dallas (Feb 10) and building relationships during Spring Training in Dunedin (March 3, 10, 17). I will know more about who wants/needs what and who I can rely on to assist me as time passes and trust develops. Trust-building takes time and communication over periods of trial and error. I may need help from my church with things like discipleship support for interested Spanish speakers as well as all the interested women and children. You can read more about the ministry at their website or in the PDF document: BaseballChapelPresentation

For the fame of Jesus’ name,


Matthew 9:35-38

Matthew 25:34-40

Planting my 12 Sacred Seeds writing project on 12/12/12. Check it out:

Dear RumBloggers,

I have chosen 12/12/12 as the perfect time to plant/publish my 12 Sacred Seeds writing project at . It will be a separate site from this and I will continue to use this one for regular posts and updates. Read it over and comment during this reflective time of year. This time of year naturally opens up opportunities for us to reflect on our values and beliefs. What do you believe about sacred things? When I talk to friends and neighbours around Toronto, I hear their personal statements of spiritual conviction.  Recently, I shared a paper containing a personal statement of my spiritual convictions.  Before that, I presented an expanded version of each “sacred seed” as 12 talks for the inspiration and education of my congregation. After sharing it with all of them, I thought it may be good stewardship to post it on the web for your use rather than just file it away in a drawer or under a pile.  I am posting some of the content  here as a way of reaching out to people who are reflecting on their sacred beliefs with a desire to understand what a Christian, like me, believes.  This writing project is called 12 sacred seeds because it contains 12 potent ideas that when planted in your mind and nutured in community have the power to grow you a fruitful life!

Sacred Seed 1: The Bible 

Sacred Seed 2: Blessed Trinity

Sacred Seed 3: God, The Father 

Sacred Seed 4: Jesus Christ 

Sacred Seed 5: The Holy Spirit 

Sacred Seed 6: Satan

Sacred Seed 7: Humanity

Sacred Seed 8: Salvation 

Sacred Seed 9: The Church 

Sacred Seed 10: Symbols of the Gospel 

Sacred Seed 11: Future Things 

Sacred Seed 12: The Church and State, Civil Government and Religious Liberty 

News about My New Ministry Role and Recent Ordination:

This month, I have reached a meaningful ministry milestone and also began pioneering a new ministry role.  Here are some reflections on both. Thanks for your interest in my life!

1. Recent Ordination

On Monday night, my Ordination was approved by a FEB Ordination Council and then enacted by High Park Baptist Church leadership.  I am thankful to supporters and praising God upon this ministry milestone of Ordination.  It is an honour to be formally and fully set apart for the Baptist ministry in Canada among our FEB association’s many amazing Pastors, Chaplains and Missionaries! :)

This is me in the process of reading and defending my formal statements of personal conversion, ministry calling and theological convictions to the council of FEB Pastors at 9 Hewitt Avenue for about 3 hours.

The difference that ordination makes is both objective and subjective: ability to officiate marriages in Ontario; ascribed the Reverend title (Rev.); access to discounted golf at some golf courses on Mondays; meaningful peer recognition and affirmation of my calling.  It is somewhat comparable to a lawyer passing their bar exam or a thesis defence for an academic.  Ordination is a meaningful ministry milestone for which I thank God.  Rev. Dr. Darryl Dash gave a memorable charge to me from 1 Timothy 1:12-17.

2. New Ministry Role

I am grateful to have learned so much as I have served the Lord as Lead Pastor at High Park Baptist Church from 2008-2012.  I am grateful and motivated for the opportunity to continue serving the Lord among the newly merged community of his people called Westminster Chapel at High Park (WC@HP), which I started on October 1, 2012.  My new role at WC@HP is Pastor of Community Outreach and Institutional Chaplaincy.  Click here is my staff profile on the Westminster Chapel website. Take some time to read about the church by exploring the website.  In the “Institutional Chaplaincy” efforts of my new role, I am “asking, seeking and knocking” for “open doors” of ministry with the following groups.  Please pray for contacts, discernment,  wisdom and favour in exploring service to/with:

  1. Clergy of all religions.
  2. Political Agencies, Parties and Leaders.
  3. Secular Business Leadership through BIAs and direct visits.
  4. Hospitals and Health Centres (UHN, CAMH, etc).
  5. Schools, Universities & Libraries.
  6. Police, Fire, EMS and Canadian Forces.
  7. Other NGOs. (Habitat For Humanity, etc)

Many initial indicators of the church amalgamation all point towards beneficial results for the faithful “flocks” and the broader community because two churches choose creative partnership through crisis.  Come by and experience worship among us one of these autumn Sundays at 10:30am!  I hope that the newly merged churches can carry out more for the Gospel as one new community together than we could as two independent communities.  I am enjoying the teammates in the staff and the opportunity to specialize in an area of passion and gifting! :)  During the transition, I have been praying the following Biblical benedictions as pastoral “wish-hopes” for all people who are interested, impacted and involved in the positive changes:

“May the God of endurance and encouragement grant you to live in such harmony with one another, in accord with Christ Jesus, that together you may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.” – Romans 15:5-7

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.” – Romans 15:13

“May the God of peace be with you all. Amen.” – Romans 15:33

Thanks for reading my reflections on my new ministry role and recent Ordination in this edition of the RumBlog.

Adam aka Reverend Rumball, Pastor of Community Outreach and Institutional Chaplaincy.

13 pictures from today’s Roncesvalles Community Build Day with Habitat For Humanity at 96 Ritchie Avenue:

The heavy rain could not stop the workers from building.

We chose not to BBQ burgers, but order pizza for the wet, willing workers.

A special highlight for me was meeting & welcoming the partner family to the neighbourhood with a hug.

I learned that I am pretty handy with a hammer stapler (depicted below).

I used a few puns to keep morale high.

I was happy to see some 20-30 community activists and neighbours our to build with the family.

The team photos were a lot of fun!

Special thanks to Enloe Wilson for inviting High Park Baptist Church to be a part of this special community build day!


Let’s build a home and hope in Roncesvalles together with Habitat For Humanity

Build a home in Roncesvalles and hope in a family! :)

On Saturday, Sept. 8, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Habitat for Humanity Toronto will host a Roncesvalles Community Build day at 96 Ritchie Ave. – and you are invited!  Only a 5 minutes walk from our church building (400m)is a great opportunity for you to get involved in meaningful community service project.  Community outreach is important plus it feels good to build something meaningful together! Join me at this and share this opportunity with your network in Toronto. Click here for the Ritchie Build Day Invite PDF.

Important and Urgent sign-up details: All  those interested in participating should RSVP to Habitat for Humanity Toronto’s or 416-755-7353 ext. 242. Please note: Volunteer spots are limited, so RSVP soon!

The organization invites local residents, businesses and faith groups to come swing a hammer along with the family who will live there, greeting them to the neighbourhood in a festive day of construction, camaraderie and…  a cookout!

High Park Baptist Church will barbeque at noon for the event. Food and beverages will be provided by Loblaws, also the site’s land donor. We need 5 people to help grill and up to 15 builders.

Community Build participation is free and no build experience is necessary. Habitat Toronto will provide all necessary training, as well as tooling and construction apparel. Habitat Toronto regrets it cannot accommodate build volunteers younger than 16. Youth, however, are invited to assist with a fundraising lemonade/bake sale during the event, proceeds of which would help fund the Ritchie build.

Let’s build something great together on September 8,

Enloe and Adam

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The 5Ws Leadership Communication Tool: Worship, Wins, Walls, Wants and Warts.

My sabbatical month in Europe was excellent.  I may post something on that soon, but I thought this might be of interest to us all as we transition back from summer vacations into the activities and meetings of autumn. For this post, I want to publish a leadership communication tool that we used in-house, at High Park Baptist Church (HPBC), called the “5Ws“.

The 5Ws of reporting are traditionally known as who, what, when, where and why. Those are super-important Ws to consider  in reporting the facts of a story, but they are not what the ones I have in mind. We used a different 5Ws to improve our leadership communication at HPBC: worship, wins, walls, wants and warts. I want to publish these 5Ws as a tribute to all the present and past members of the HPBC Ministry Leadership Council (MLC) and the strategic plan we agreed to accomplish together.  Dear MLC, I think we got some meaningful things done towards the church ratified mandate and this tool helped us talk it through together towards a higher impact!

The story of the 5Ws goes like this.  As part of our strategic plan implementation at HPBC, we established the Ministry Leadership Council (MLC).  The MLC is like a church parliament composed of church department leaders.  I wanted this group to become a Higher Impact Team (HIT) at HPBC to operationalize the goals of our strategic plan through their task forces.  Each servant-leader on the MLC was a directly responsible individual (DRI) for reporting to and from their department at this forum.  Complex meetings like this needed leadership to communicate important mission information in an efficient and high trust format. The tool that I provided in order to enhance team communication is the powerful “5Ws” communication template. The 5Ws helped the MLC of DRIs at HPBC become a HIT.  I hope it helps your team too. Here you go:

WORSHIP: Remember God by prayerfully reflecting on a Biblical passage.  This information fosters humility, motivation, vitality and unity.

WINS: Celebrate success by reporting a few successful stories. This information fosters motivation and public speaking skills.

WALLS: Identify barriers to success by reporting a few frustrating facts.  This information fosters empathy and collaboration.

WANTS: Seek support in success by requesting a few helping hands. This information fosters trust and collaboration.

WARTS: Admit weakness with a few personal flaws. This information fosters humility and trust.

The 5Ws can make your team into a HIT – Higher Impact Team.   We did not get everything done that we wanted to on the plan.  We did not achieve our 15 mission goals entirely.  We did get some meaningful things done and increased the quality of communication across within and across our ministry departments.  I believe that joyful mission results were improved to the degree we practiced faith (Worship), celebrated success (Wins), identified barriers (Walls), sought collaboration (Wants) and admitted weakness (Warts).

Will the “5Ws” help your church or organizational leadership team build impact and trust this fall?  Start by providing the template in advance and asking everyone on the team to use 5 minutes to speak about their 5Ws.  If they do, then you will see the trust, collaboration and measurable results increase!  I believe teams improve through talking about worship, wins, walls, wants and warts.

Switzerland Sabbatical Sites: Mountain Formations and Protestant Reformation.

The view from on top of Santis Mountain. This was my first ever mountain ascent.

I had high expectations of Switzerland. It has exceeded my expectations for rejuvenating experiences in every way. Calvin and Zwingli’s churches were inspirational and impressive.  The landscapes of buildings and mountains, lakes and rivers, towns and villages, vineyards and rolling hills were all very lush and  tranquil.  Many thanks to my host family for generously facilitating  many memorable events. :)

The plan for this sabbatical month of July is touring beautiful and historic European cities using a Eurail Global Pass. You may know that from talking with me or from reading my last post on Italy. Well that plan is going well, so far. Observing the beautiful landscapes, visiting church history sites plus strolling through urban centres has been both invigorating and devotional. Here is some detail about my sabbatical experiences in Switzerland from July 8-16.

Swiss Landscape Sites: Geneva, Zurich, Luzern, Stein am Rhine, Saint Gallon, Fraunfeld, etc.

Landscapes I saw included:

  1. The Alps.  I arrived by train from Milan through Chiasso to Zürich during a sunny afternoon.  The Swiss rail system is the perfect way to see the stunning landscapes of the Swiss Alps. They have dramatically steep mountains slashing into broad blue lakes.  The Alps are very different mountains ranges than our Canadian Rockies, which appear broadly wide, but less sharply vertical.
  2. Mount Säntis (2500m) ascent by cable car.  This was my first mountain ascent and is pictured above from a photos that day.  I also pet two cows at the bottom of the hill.  They had loud cowbells.
  3. Rhinefalls: Europe’s biggest waterfall and flows at 600m3/second.
  4. Stählibuckturm.
  5. Scenic driving tours through many Swiss Cantons including Appenzell, Shaffhausen, Thurgau, Zurich, Luzern, Saint Gallen.  Each of the 25 Canton’s has distinctive architectural features in their homes and fascinating histories, like the peaceful separation of Catholics and Protestant citizens in Appenzell.
  6. Day trip to Luzern.  We walked the city, took nice photos, had a peaceful lakeside lunch with a view of the mountains, the KKL building’s impressive roof, the covered bridge and the lovely old hotels.  Luzern is such a charming town. I also enjoyed seeing the two Catholic churches, the glacier museum and the Lion monument (Löwendenkmal) to the fallen soldier’s of the Swiss Guard.
  7. One day, we took a day trip into the forest to help build a roof over a brookside cabin’s fireplace and then enjoyed  long, relaxing lunch of fine Swiss hospitality in the sunshine.  The joy of eating together after this forest building project will remain as a special memory.

Geneva and Zurich have beautiful landscapes too, but my first focus in those cities was to explore the church history sites of Calvin and Zwingli.

Swiss Church History Sites: John Calvin in Geneva.

One day, I made a 4hr train trip to the lovely lakeside city of Geneva to see Church History sites of the Reformation including John Calvin’s church called Geneva Cathedral (St-Pierre), Geneva, the Reformation Monument, The Reformation Museum and Auditoire de Calvin, Geneva.  All 4 are within 5 minutes walk.  3 of them are in buildings that are nearly touching each other.  The Reformation Museum was very educational and had many engaging displays. As a city, Geneva has nice waterfront walkways and a tall and narrow fountain.  French was commonly spoken, which is nice for a Canadian to hear.  I travelled, by train, through Lausanne. This is where the World Evangelization Conference was held.  Check out more on what Sacred Destinations reports about Geneva and Church history.

Swiss Church History Sites: Ulrich Zwingli in Zürich.

In  Zürich, I saw church history sites of the Reformation  including Yülrich Zwingli’s church called Grossmünster, plus Fraumünster and St. Peterskirche. The city has many nice walking areas including the University, Neirdorf and the River walk into Bellevue.

What comes after Switzerland?

After Switzerland, I plan to see Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Kracow, Berlin (Wittenburg), Brügges and Amsterdam before returning on August 2nd to Toronto. Many of the Church history sites that I plan to visit in each place are described and photographed in the website They organize entries by destination city and country.  For example, I want to see Wittenburg and the Bible Museum.

May God bless you all with faith, hope and love in Christ.

See you in August.



Italian Sabbatical Impressions: Hearing the Pope in Rome and other fun stuff.

Travel puts wind in my sails.  My plan for this sabbatical month is touring beautiful and historic European cities using a Eurail Global Pass.  Observing the beautiful landscapes, visiting church history sites and strolling through urban centres has been both invigorating and devotional, so far.  My next post will be about the  impressive landscapes and Reformation Church History sites of my Sabbatical time in Switzerland. For now, here is a bit of what stuck out from my time in Italy. :)

June 30-July 8: Rome, Florence, Venice and Trieste.

Italy has fountains, public squares, museums, churches, heat, stylish people and delicious food, like the buffalo mozzarella and tomato pizzas.

Venice was nice, but too touristy for my taste. However, I enjoyed the strolls through narrow streets and day trips for swimming at Lido and Trieste.  I had a peaceful dinner by myself on the grand canal one night and watched the romantic gondolas go by, along with water taxis and public transit boats.  I bought a T-shirt from the Venice site of the Hard Rock Cafe, which is near St. Mark’s Basilica and square.  I found it fun and unique that gondolas could pull up in front and drop you off at this Hard Rock Cafe.  If Venice was a slight disappointment, then Florence was a nice surprise.

Florence’s museums, such as the Uffizi, are amazing. The David, by Michelangelo, was impressive. I will never forget the 15 minute description and interpretation given to us by our tour guide as we viewed the magnificent form.  The highlight of my time in Florence was a bicycle tour that our group took from 9-11pm over the river’s many bridges during a full moon. Florence is the Renaissance-textile capital, but Rome is the historical-religious centre.

In Rome, the highlight for me was being in the front row to hear the Pope address the crowd in St. Peter’s Square.  I had just exited the tour of the immaculate St. Peter’s Basilica tour and then walked into the front row of the audience who had gathered to hear his last speech of the summer (before he went into summer residence for 2 months).  He spoke at 12:20pm on Sunday July 1.  Attending such a religious event at the Vatican was a fun way to spend my 2012 Canada Day.  What impressed me most about hearing the Pope read a Latin blessings and then translate it into many languages from his little window was the responsiveness of the crowd.  They shouted adulation  to the Pope such as “Long live Papa” and “We love you Papa”. He waved his hands gently and, I assume, affection for the people. It was like being front row centre at a U2 concert when Bono is connecting with the crowd and singing “Where the Streets have no name“.  It was electric with spiritual emotion.  Now, I am not a Roman Catholic Christian, but I did shed a single tear at the affection displayed between the man and his international flock.  It reminded me of Jesus Christ and his love for the Global Church, which we become a part of by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone. A sad aside is that because of all the excitement of the Pope-moment, I forgot to see the Sistine Chapel before I left the sovereign territory of the Vatican City.

I was also impressed by the Pantheon.

Look for my next post on the Sabbatical time in Switzerland.  Thanks for reading.  See you soon.

My Refreshing Summer Plans: Ordination, Conferences, Sabbatical.

I want you to know some of my summer plans. I hope, pray and work towards the realization of these goals. Please pray and encourage my pilgrimmage! :)
I need to finish my Ordination Paper. This is a written statement of what I believe about major categories of theology. It is a requirement for ordination as a Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Pastor (FEB)Pastor. Ordination, to me, is a really special process of the local church blessing me with the subjective affirmation of being a called and competent minister as well as a legal credential from our religious order for acting as an agent of the Ontario government during weddings. Once the paper is done, a council will evaluate me on everything and hopefully set a date for an Ordination Service in late June. I have seen a few ordination services in the last years and they are special events! Once I have a date, I will invite you to celebrate God’s goodness at HPBC! Please pray for the meaningful culmination of this beautiful and challenging process. :)
Moody Pastor’s Conference at Chicago’s Moddy Bible Institue: May 21 – May 24.
Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Pastor’s Conference at Muskoka Bible Conference: June 11 – June 14
July Sabbatical/Restorative Vacation:
I plan to take all of July off as restorative vacation. I want to be ready to rumble for the challenges and opportunities of the new fall ministry season. I am brian storming and planning for destinations. I’ll gratefully accept any travel tips and recommendations. People have suggested a train tour of Europe, Canadian costal cottages, African adventure, etc. My Sunday morning preaching responsibilities can be fulfilled from our church leadership, a partner church and/or FEB friends. The goal is to rest, reflect, gather my thoughts and feelings. It has been a very active 12 years of ministry. The last four years of my life have presented unique ministry and personal life challenges. I am grateful to God for every one of the experiences he has allowed me so far, yet they have taken a toll on my heart and head! Sometimes my emotions and energy are not where I want them to be! I am tired and want to refresh and heal so I can keep loving God and serving people well! A sabbatical of one month allows me to temporarily disengage from normal surroundings in order to rest, heal, grieve, refresh, reload, resharpen my passion. I want to recharge my battery in order that I can return ready to rock in September! Leaders who last take time off to recharge their battery! I want to be a leader who lasts!
This summer, I look forward with hope to my Ordination, Conferences and a Sabbatical so I am ready to embrace my role in the exciting stuff God has planned for many people during this coming fall ministry season in the Parkdale-High Park neighbourhoods and the precious city of Toronto! :)

Summary of my short funeral sermon for your reflection: Do you believe this?

Today, I gave a short funeral sermon on the unique and exclusively Christian hope. Here is a polished summary of what I think I remember saying. :)

Funerals are important times to aid the processes of grieving and teaching.

I tried to be brief (7-10 mins not my normal 45-55min) and clear to benefit the audience and occasion.

I started by suggesting that on this occasion, they may be wondering, “What will happen to me after I die?”

I stated that my intention was to explaining the Christian hope as the resurrection of believers to eternal life with God, modelled by Jesus himself and offered to them.

I read and explained John 11:25-27:

John 11:25 Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live, and everyone who lives and believes in me shall never die. Do you believe this?” She said to him, “Yes, Lord; I believe that you are the Christ, the Son of God, who is coming into the world.”

I made some observation and asked some questions that emerged from the text:
1. Jesus states the claim that he is Resurrection and the Life. The Christian hope is centred on the person of Jesus. Is he your only hope?

2. Jesus explains the condition that believers in him will have life, in spite of physical death. The Christian hope is unstoppable life winning over unavoidable death. Eternal life is a term referring to both quality and a quantity. Do you want eternal life with God after you die?

3. Jesus asks if she (Martha grieving Lazarus) believes his condition and claim. THe Christian Hope requires a personal profession of faith in Jesus. Today I asked the congregation at the memorial service if they believe that Jesus is their Resurrection and the Life. Do you believe this?

Believers trust Jesus to be their Resurrection and Life. The word “resurrection” means stand again. The female name “Anastasia” comes from the greek word for “resurrection”, meaning “to stand again” or “return to status”. This promise of standing alive again in God’s presence is achieved exclusively through believing in what Jesus did through his death for sins and resurrection to life. Living Christian’s look forward to their future, bodily resurrection after their death. Read 1 Cor. 15 & 2 Cor 4&5 for more texts that explain this. Here are two succinct ones:

For as in Adam all die, so also in Christ shall all be made alive. But each in his own order: Christ the firstfruits, then at his coming those who belong to Christ. – 1 Corinthians 15:22-23

…knowing that he who raised the Lord Jesus will raise us also with Jesus and bring us with you into his presence. – 2 Corinthians 4:14

PROMISE: You will be with Jesus before and after you die, if you believe that he is the Resurrection and the Life proven by his death for sins and resurrection to life.
Do you believe this? Martha and I do. I hope the whole congregation and all of you do too! :)
Do you know what will happen to you after you die? I hope you share the Christian hope of resurrection to eternal life! :)